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The Power of Good Neighbor Pharmacy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused you to significantly alter your pharmacy business—from the way your store looks and functions to the way you interact with your patients. Through changes big and small, Good Neighbor Pharmacy has been working hard to support you and help you adapt at an even faster pace. We’re partnering with you through the obstacles, evolving how we serve you and developing new solutions to ensure you keep making a difference in your community on the front lines of the pandemic. Here are a few of the ways we’re helping our members thrive during these challenging times.

Cultivating a More Powerful Front End

Our team works together to help you take a fresh look at your front end, find out which solutions you should be implementing to generate more revenue from your non-prescription business, and stay on top of the latest retail trends.

Making Your Pharmacy a Healthcare Destination

Good Neighbor Pharmacy offers several solutions to support different clinical expansions like point-of-care testing, pet health, med sync, and more, helping your pharmacy branch out in ways that meet the unique needs of your community.

Providing Time for Care

Our business coaches, retail merchandising specialists, advertising managers, and managed care experts are all working together to take time-consuming tasks off your plate and find new ways to help you work smarter so you can spend more time with your patients.

Keeping Independent Pharmacies Independent in Challenging Times

The AmerisourceBergen Pharmacy Ownership Services team has been busy throughout the pandemic, connecting buyers and sellers and advising all concerned parties about the availability and acquisition of emergency funding.

Connecting with New Patients Through COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Good Neighbor Pharmacy team is providing tips, peer insights, marketing materials, and more to help you make the most of the captive audience coming into your store to get their COVID-19 shots.

Preparing to Administer COVID-19 Vaccinations

If you intend to offer COVID-19 vaccinations, the best thing you can do is plan ahead as much as you can, and the Good Neighbor Pharmacy team has been busy putting together a variety of resources to help you get ready in advance.

Securing COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

Through advocacy and elbow grease, Good Neighbor Pharmacy worked closely with the CDC to secure COVID-19 vaccine allocation for independents as part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program, enabling our members to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of people.

Avoiding Costly GER and BER Recoupments

Our contracting team is negotiating relentlessly for every dollar because that’s money you can reinvest back into your pharmacy and your community.

Recognizing the Strength and Resolve of Our Members

Your entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to your patients are what inspire us to develop the kind of solutions that will help you deliver more personalized care to your unique community.

Leveraging Technology to Encourage Consistent Prescription Refills

We redesigned the My GNP mobile app to make it easier to navigate, empowering your patients to manage their medications seamlessly and submit refills safely from home.

Guiding Your Patients with Friendly, Effective Signage

We developed a new collection of interior and exterior signs to help our members provide clear guidance around operational changes, safety protocols, new service offerings and more.

Providing Free Vitamins to Keep Your Patients Healthy

The Good Neighbor Pharmacy Free Vitamin Program is giving our members an effective way to help their patients take a more active role in boosting their immune system during flu season.

Using Med Sync to Minimize Potential Exposures to COVID-19

Our members are partnering with their business coach to optimize programs that boost adherence while reducing the number of trips patients need to make to the pharmacy.

Using Data to Your Advantage

Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coaches are meeting more frequently with their customers to help them dig through their data and uncover opportunities to improve their business.

Staying Connected with Peers and Partners

Knowing how important our annual tradeshow ThoughtSpot is to our members, we transformed our usual in-person event into an interactive virtual experience and upheld the ThoughtSpot 2020 Generics Rebate.

Communicating with Patients

With our timely marketing solutions, members have not only kept their patients up to date and well informed during this health crisis, but they’ve also been seeing greater reach and better engagement.