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A pharmacist consults a patient and his caregiver
The staff at Porter's Pharmacy

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DeCaria Brothers, Inc.

A Good Neighbor Pharmacy advertising manager was able to provide guidance to Eddie DeCaria and his team on how to leverage the digital marketing solutions included in the program so they could keep their community engaged during the COVID-19, particularly through social media.

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No two independent pharmacies are exactly the same. That's why we evaluate your practice on its own terms and come up with a plan made just for you. Read real stories of pharmacy owners and find out how Good Neighbor Pharmacy served their specific needs.

Ehrhardt Pharmacy

October 8, 2018

By modifying their Saturday hours, Ehrhardt Pharmacy decreased their payroll expenses by $68,620 in one year, with no impact on the patient experience.

Hemmingsen Drug Store

August 6, 2018

Within six months of launching medication synchronization at their pharmacy, the staff at Hemmingsen Drug Store signed up 60% of their volume for med sync.

Drug World Pharmacies

August 6, 2018

Within six months of employee development training, Drug World employees participated in as many business enhancement activities outside the pharmacy as the entire year prior.

Del Norte Pharmacy of Santa Fe

January 26, 2018

Del Norte Pharmacy of Santa Fe nearly doubles their inventory turnover and frees up $275,000 in cash.

The Apothecary Shoppe

January 26, 2018

The Apothecary Shoppe increases volume by more than 30% after a devastating loss.

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