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Patient care services

Over the years, the role of the pharmacist has undergone a transformative shift, evolving from traditional medication dispensers to becoming integral providers of patient care services. This shift reflects a broader recognition of the pharmacist's expertise beyond the pharmacy counter. Today, pharmacists actively engage in delivering preventative care, testing, and comprehensive chronic care management, emphasizing patient well-being through a spectrum of services that extend far beyond dispensing medications. 

Diabetes care management

Empower your community’s well-being with our pharmacist-led diabetes care management program.


Pharmacists can play an important role in the immunization process by protecting their communities with screenings and administering immunizations. 

Point-of-care testing

Point-of-care testing (POCT) gives you the opportunity to practice at the top of your license and raise your pharmacy’s profile as a go-to healthcare destination.

Interested in starting patient care services in your pharmacy? Reach out to us below.