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Good Neighbor Pharmacy solution overviews

These quick-hit webinars give you a strong foundational understanding of our most popular solutions in under 15 minutes. Hear directly from the experts who bring these solutions to life about how they work and what they can do for your pharmacy.


Google advertising

Drive more potential patients to your pharmacy with tailored search and display ads on the world’s most popular search engine.


Business coaching

Learn what a business coach can do for your pharmacy and how they can free up your time to focus more on patient care.


Maximizing your front end

Get hands-on help from a dedicated retail merchandising specialist with implementing planograms, processing unsaleable returns, and more.


Social media and online reviews

Strengthen your digital presence using these solutions and organically make an impact in peoples’ social media feeds and search results.


Pet health

Diversify your business by incorporating pet health into your pharmacy and add another layer of convenience for your patients who are also pet owners.


Point-of-care testing

Explore point-of-care testing step by step and learn how we can simplify the entire process of setting up this growing patient care service in your pharmacy.


Adherence tools and solutions

Find out how we can help you track and improve your adherence performance, which can ultimately result in more prescriptions being filled at your pharmacy and better patient outcomes.


Expo Rx prescription savings card

Gain a better understanding of what prescription savings cards are, how they function, and what benefits our Expo Rx Prescription Savings Card offers your patients and your pharmacy.

Independent pharmacy best practices


Activating MTM at your pharmacy 

Hear from Mandy Baker, Senior Associate, Network Performance, and Kevin Natzke, Senior Associate Network Performance at OutcomesMTM, as they discuss the latest best practices in activating MTM at your pharmacy.


Medication-related quality measures and impact for pharmacies

In this webinar, Nicholas Dorich, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Accounts, Pharmacy Quality Solutions, Inc., shares the changes to Star Ratings, new EQuIPP features, and how pharmacists can positively affect patient health outcomes by focusing on adherence and safety, both of which are measured by CMS in the Star Ratings.