The Power of Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Making Your Pharmacy a Healthcare Destination
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There has never been a greater need for independent pharmacies to innovate. Marketplace and competitive pressures are increasing at a rapid pace and adding more opportunities for patient care and reimbursement is one of the best ways to get ahead of it. However, expanding the services you offer does so much more for your business than simply bring in additional revenue. Evolving beyond prescription fills can:

  • Empower you to practice at the top of your license and do more for your community
  • Give your patients access to fast, friendly, and convenient care from a trusted local provider
  • Grow your pharmacy into a true healthcare destination that attracts and retains more patients
  • Create an unparalleled in-store experience that pushes top-ranked customer service to even higher levels

Supporting meaningful growth

To help your pharmacy branch out in ways that meet the unique needs of your community, Good Neighbor Pharmacy offers several solutions to support different clinical expansions, and we have many more in development. Most recently, we launched COVID-19 + flu point-of-care testing (POCT) ahead of the 2021 flu season. In addition to offering the test kits, marketing materials, and a comprehensive implementation guide, our business coaches are providing personalized guidance around the particular licensure requirements of each state, workflow strategy, staff training, and more to simplify setup. Our advertising managers are also working with our members to develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns around their new POCT offering. Plus, our members can also take advantage of bloodborne pathogen training from Good Neighbor Pharmacy University.

This is just one of many solutions we offer to help our members further establish their reputation as one-stop shops for all their patients’ health and wellness needs. Aside from point-of-care testing, we’re supporting patient care services like medication synchronization and we’re also leading the charge for COVID-19 vaccine allocation to independent pharmacies, which is paving the way for future vaccination and immunization offerings based on the best practices we’ve learned together. On the retail front, our Free Vitamin Program and Pet Health solution offer flexible opportunities to tailor your pharmacy to your unique community and develop deeper relationships with your patients.

Transforming your pharmacy

These solutions do a great job of simplifying clinical and retail expansion, but one of the biggest hurdles that independent pharmacies face with implementation is navigating the physical limitations of their pharmacy. That’s where our Pharmacy Transformation Services team comes in. When you want to offer a new clinical service or add a new category to your front end but don’t have the space, our team can give you the full HGTV treatment and bring your big ideas to life. Or, if you just need help making small adjustments to work around what you already have, we can do that too. In either case, this is more than a makeover. As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy member, you can work with our Transformation team and your business coach to determine what changes will best fit your pharmacy’s needs and your budget.

Our team has helped Good Neighbor Pharmacy members with projects of all types and sizes. However, it’s worth noting that every pharmacy transformation we performed in 2021 incorporated a space to conduct immunizations and vaccinations. The demand for these services is undoubtedly growing and independent pharmacies are perfectly positioned to satisfy that demand. Whether you’re thinking about refreshing your store’s layout or you’re ready to start knocking down walls, here’s what you can expect from our Pharmacy Transformation Services team:

  • You’ll meet with a project manager and designer to discuss the “must-have” requirements of your completed project
  • The designer will produce initial concept drawings
  • Our team will present the layout to you and get your feedback
  • Your project manager will develop a plan, coordinate with contractors, oversee the timeline, and be onsite to assist with the on-time completion of your project
  • We’ll involve your business coach, advertising manager, and merchandising specialist to leverage their expertise and make the most of the changes you make


“It’s been a year since my pharmacy transformation and I still couldn't be happier with that decision. People are still commenting about the remodel. We have a private vaccination/MTM room that looks like it has always been there. More importantly, we have more space in the pharmacy area to accommodate growth. My only regret is that I wasted time trying to manage the design on my own before reaching out to Good Neighbor Pharmacy. The cost of working with the Pharmacy Transformation Services team is minimal compared to the return I received. One of the best decisions I've made as an owner, guaranteed.”

Greg Gilmore, Owner, Grand Pharmacy


Expand the scope of what your pharmacy can do.

Blueprint and tools laid out on a table in preparation for an independent pharmacy renovation