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The Power of Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Communicating with Patients
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on how consumers interact with your pharmacy. Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders have prevented you from having the close, personal contact with your patients you usually do, but that hasn’t stopped your peers from staying connected with their community. By tapping into our timely marketing solutions, Good Neighbor Pharmacy members are not only keeping their patients up to date and well informed during this health crisis, but they’re also seeing greater reach and better engagement than ever before!

DeCaria Brothers Inc., a group of six stores across Ohio and Pennsylvania, has found digital marketing especially important during the pandemic. The changes due to COVID-19 drove them to start embracing digital marketing, and they’ve found success utilizing their digital channels to reach and connect with their patient base.

I didn’t get social media, but I did see unlimited marketing potential. We needed to think about the needs of our customers and the community during this time.

Eddie DeCaria, Co-owner & Pharmacist, DeCaria Brothers, Inc.

A Good Neighbor Pharmacy advertising manager was able to provide guidance to Eddie and his team once they made the decision to lean into digital. Based on his advertising manager’s recommendations, Eddie decided social media was the most important place to start because they knew that would be the first place patients would look for information. However, Eddie and his team were unsure where and how to start, so they worked with their advertising manager to put together a game plan.

Of the six stores, only three had Facebook pages—all of which had limited followings. Eddie’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy advertising manager made sure all six stores were set up with official accounts, requesting ownership of unofficial pages for Eddie in some cases. She also made sure any followers and reviews on unofficial pages were merged with the new official pages.

Eddie then assigned a dedicated staff member to manage their social media platforms. Through the Good Neighbor Pharmacy social media and reputation management platform, SOCi, their staff member is able to create and post her own content, as well as use the professionally designed content that is continually being added within the provided libraries. Most importantly, their staff member is able to schedule content for all the stores at the same time across multiple social media platforms, which saves a lot of time.

Their Facebook pages have come a long way since mid-March when they only had a total of 320 followers. Within four months, their six stores have grown to a combined total of 1,500 followers!

Tracey Williams, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Advertising Manager

Between March and June 2020, Good Neighbor Pharmacy members shared more than 20,000 social posts related to COVID-19 through our social media and reputation management platform, SOCi, reaching over 2.2 million social media users.

Make sure you’re a part of the conversation by leveraging the full power of our digital marketing solutions.

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