Managed Care

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Promoting the value of independent pharmacy patient care

Our mission to protect, defend, and promote your value and your ability to provide patient care is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. 

Reports used to determine which plans we join at the preferred or standard cost-share level

Increasing the viability of independent pharmacy members

Reports used to determine which plans we join at the preferred or standard cost-share level
Stand united with more than 5,000 members when you join our PSAO, Elevate Provider Network. Through a differentiated contract strategy and a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your pharmacy business, Elevate is working hard to provide independent pharmacies with a path for sustainable growth. 
Reports used to determine which plans we join at the preferred or standard cost-share level

Elevate Provider Network – fully aligned with your values and challenges

We understand that independent pharmacies need a PSAO that is fully aligned with the values and challenges of independent pharmacy. That’s why Elevate Provider Network, our PSAO, makes decisions in the best interest of our independent pharmacy members. We are fighting post-adjudication recoupments of all kinds through negotiations and continued advocacy efforts with legislators. 
The Elevate Provider Network team

Expanding access to independent pharmacist-provided patient care with solutions and support

Advocating to protect independent pharmacies’ independence at both the federal and state level 

We’ve developed a palpable presence on Capitol Hill because we feel so strongly about the importance of your voice and your role as a trusted, community-based healthcare provider. Our Government Affairs team works directly with legislative and regulatory bodies to ensure that you can continue to do what you do best—provide the highest quality patient care in the community setting. We also collaborate with NCPA and other organizations that represent the interests of independent pharmacy. Add your powerful voice with easy-to-use advocacy tools at


Reconciling third-party payments can feel like a tedious task that never ends, which is why our solution tracks every reimbursement for you and provides you with the tools you need to identify and chase claims. We make it easy to verify your third-party payments, pinpoint underpaid claims, and prevent missed checks from going unnoticed. Elevate offers a self-service reconciliation option and a full-service Concierge Reconciliation Service option, where you simply verify your payments and FDS Amplicare handles the remaining reconciliation process.

Central Pay services

With Central Pay, you get complete cash flow visibility. There are no trips to the bank for deposits, no lost checks, and available funds are transferred to your bank account 5 days a week. With online access for payment verification, remittance reports, and an accurate historical record of all your deposits, central pay helps you take command of your pharmacy’s cash flow and increase your pharmacy’s profitability.

Tools and resources

We provide you with easy access to the tools and resources you need to limit the impact that DIR fees have on your pharmacy business, conduct MTMs, perform MAC reporting, enhance patient care, and much more.

Pre and post edit

This crucial solution is like spellcheck for your claims. It automatically reviews every submission and makes real-time edits, so small mistakes don’t jeopardize your full reimbursement. Elevate and Change Healthcare have collaborated to create a suite of edits just for independent pharmacies.


  • DIR Estimator   
  • Star Ratings improvement tools 
  • Patient engagement tools          
  • Adherence tools    


  • EQuIPP membership
  • Educational materials
  • Webinars
  • Expert articles

Data Analytics

  • Actionable Rx fill report
  • Controlled drug report
  • Peer comparisons
  • POS transaction report

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At Good Neighbor Pharmacy, our expert team is aligned in its commitment to your needs and the interests of independent pharmacies across the United States. Want to know more about how Good Neighbor Pharmacy can amplify your brand, simplify your business operations, and protect your independence?