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Amplify your brand and identity

We deliver customized marketing strategies that showcase your individuality and extend your local reach.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach helps a pharmacist use online programs to identify prescribers and patients to target

Prescriber and Patient Strategies

A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach helps a pharmacist use online programs to identify prescribers and patients to target
Tailor your marketing efforts to the right people in your community so you get a better return on investment. Your business coach will leverage extensive analytics to pinpoint prime patients and influential prescribers, enabling you to monitor the trends of both and take action accordingly. By following the data, you'll gain a better understanding of who your customers are and which tactics will work best when it comes to communicating with them.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach helps a pharmacist use online programs to identify prescribers and patients to target

Peer Perspectives: Meeting Challenges with Tactics

Kevin of The Apothecary Shoppe

When the clinic upstairs from The Apothecary Shoppe decided to open its own pharmacy, the business took a hit. Owner Kevin Demass could’ve panicked. Instead, working with his Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach, Kevin increased volume by nearly 34% over three years. Find out how he did it.

Community Marketing

Develop localized marketing strategies with a dedicated expert who will use data and analytics to help you connect more effectively with the people in your community. Choose from a variety of standardized campaigns and then customize them for your pharmacy to maximize awareness of your distinctive brand. Each campaign features a different focus and professionally designed support materials, including social media content and outbound call scripts.

Social Media Support

Make your pharmacy a fixture in the social media feeds of your current patients and potential customers alike. With a user-friendly management platform and a library packed with ready-to-use content, it’s easier than ever to run your accounts like a pro. In addition to having real-time performance analytics at your fingertips, your advertising manager can also help you plan out the types of topics and themes you should post about to expand your reach and build deeper engagement within your community.

Online Reviews

Influence customer sentiments and expectations by using one convenient platform to manage your pharmacy’s reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and more. Business reviews and ratings are often the first things patients see when they research a pharmacy online, so monitoring and responding to those high-profile comments can have a positive impact on their decision to make the trip to your store.

Advertising Manager

Receive white glove support from a trusted advertising expert as you work together to promote your pharmacy and grow your customer base. Your advertising manager will review your current digital assets, solidify your online presence and help you strategize timely campaigns to correspond with the promotions that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Outbound Calls

Send your patients timely, targeted messages in your own voice to deepen their engagement with your pharmacy and increase their medication adherence. We give you a variety of topical and seasonal campaigns to choose from, such as Medicare Part D open enrollment, flu prevention and opioid awareness, and provide you with concise scripts based on those themes to record over the phone. You can then select the patients you want to receive those calls and your outbound communications will automatically go out at the appropriate time of the year.

Google Advertising

Reach current and prospective patients online at the peak of their interest in your pharmacy’s services when they’re searching on Google or browsing their favorite websites. Google advertising employs powerful targeting techniques to deliver your store’s digital ads to the people in your community. This highly effective, cost-efficient form of advertising allows you to target locally on the world’s most popular search engine and relevant websites. With instant access to store hours and directions, customers have all the information they need to visit your pharmacy.

Google Shopping Ads
Today’s consumer is looking for fast and easy access to your in-store inventory through online channels. Google Shopping Ads allow nearby shoppers to view a retailer’s in-store product inventory when they are searching for products on Google. These ads feature your products and store information alongside an image of the product. Want to learn more? Talk to your advertising manager about the right budget and next steps to get started.


700+ pieces of professionally designed marketing collateral

These and more are waiting for you at Brand Central Station, your one-stop shop for all your digital and print marketing needs. Find posters, bag stuffers, social media graphics and much more to support your monthly campaigns on topics like Medicare Part D and flu shots.

A pharmacist searches for marketing materials at Brand Central Station

Local Brand Support

Let your community know who you are by carefully controlling how your brand is displayed to the public. We give you helpful tools and extensive support to manage your pharmacy's marketing efforts, appearance in search results, online presence and much more. By maintaining consistent branding across every patient touchpoint, you'll be able to cultivate lasting awareness for your pharmacy and attract more foot traffic over time.

My GNP Mobile App

Keep patients adherent by encouraging them to use our convenient mobile app, which helps them get more actively involved in their healthcare. The My GNP mobile app enables patients to manage medications, track prescriptions and customize alerts on any iOS or Android device, including Apple Watch. They can even create a personalized shopping list for your pharmacy, keeping you top of mind week after week.

Self-Service Marketing Tools

Customize a huge variety of ads and collateral with your pharmacy name, address, branding and more to support all of your marketing campaigns. With our user-friendly marketing portal, it's easy to create professional materials in minutes using our stylish, plug-and-play design templates. From posters and print ads to direct mail and social media graphics, you have an entire library at your fingertips that can be edited to shine the spotlight on your unique brand.

Local Pages

Expand your web presence by customizing a dedicated microsite for your pharmacy at This templated destination is automatically populated with critical information about your pharmacy and can be updated with additional content to highlight what makes your store one of a kind. This microsite is fully searchable at, making it easy for patients to locate your pharmacy and learn more about the services you offer.

Local Listings Management

Stand out in search engine results when people in your community turn to Google, Bing or Yahoo to find out what pharmacies are near them. We feed search engines robust content for your business, including photos and videos whenever possible, to ensure that you feature prominently on the first results page of all relevant searches, along with directions on how to get to your store. Capturing the attention of potential customers when they're actively searching for the services you provide is one of the most effective ways to drive foot traffic.
The recently updated My GNP mobile app is changing the way pharmacies connect with their patients.

Each month, averages more than 168,000 page views

A patient looking at a local page

National Brand Awareness

Leverage the pervasive brand recognition and trust of Good Neighbor Pharmacy as we rally all of our members under the banner of independence. We advertise nationally in support of our monthly health themes and promote the value of community pharmacies like yours, which helps us maintain a high level of awareness for Good Neighbor Pharmacy while still giving you the freedom to be your own unique brand. That way, you can simply market your business as being "powered by Good Neighbor Pharmacy" and capitalize on the priceless brand affinity we've built up over the years without compromising your one-of-a-kind identity. helps you drive deeper engagement with timely content that aligns with monthly marketing themes and healthy living tools like our wellness calculator, recipe hub and vitamin finder. Plus, customers can find your pharmacy’s address and phone number using our store locator and navigate directly to your dedicated local page.

Facebook Ads

See an increase in patient interest around your monthly health themes and promotions as we boost our related Good Neighbor Pharmacy posts on Facebook. This expands your reach as we hit the feeds of a wider audience in your area and beyond.

Instagram Ads

Get your monthly health themes and promotions in front of younger patients in your community as we place universal Good Neighbor Pharmacy ads on Instagram. Having a presence on this popular platform will help you connect with a different demographic and expand your customer base.

A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators


A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators
We’ve developed a palpable presence on Capitol Hill because we feel so strongly about the importance of your voice and your role as a trusted, community-based healthcare provider. Our Government Affairs team works directly with legislative and regulatory bodies every day to ensure that you can continue to do what you do best—provide the highest quality patient care in the community setting.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators

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At Good Neighbor Pharmacy, our expert team is aligned in its commitment to your needs and the interests of independent pharmacies across the United States. Want to know more about how Good Neighbor Pharmacy can amplify your brand, simplify your business operations and protect your independence?