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We deliver customized marketing strategies that showcase your individuality and extend your local reach.

Prescriber and Patient Strategies

Tailor your marketing efforts to the right people in your community so you get a better return on investment. Your business coach will leverage extensive analytics to pinpoint prime patients and influential prescribers, enabling you to monitor the trends of both and take action accordingly. By following the data, you'll gain a better understanding of who your customers are and which tactics will work best when it comes to communicating with them.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach helps a pharmacist use online programs to identify prescribers and patients to target

Peer Perspectives: Meeting Challenges with Tactics

Kevin of The Apothecary Shoppe

When the clinic upstairs from The Apothecary Shoppe decided to open its own pharmacy, the business took a hit. Owner Kevin Demass could’ve panicked. Instead, working with his Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach, Kevin increased volume by nearly 34% over three years. Find out how he did it.
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Community Marketing

Develop localized marketing strategies with a dedicated expert who will use data and analytics to help you connect more effectively with the people in your community. Choose from a variety of standardized campaigns and then customize them for your pharmacy to maximize awareness of your distinctive brand. Each campaign features a different focus and professionally designed support materials, including social media content and outbound call scripts.

700+ pieces of professionally designed marketing collateral

These and more are waiting for you at Brand Central Station, your one-stop shop for all your digital and print marketing needs. Find posters, bag stuffers, social media graphics and much more to support your monthly campaigns on topics like Medicare Part D and flu shots.

Local Brand Support

Let your community know who you are by carefully controlling how your brand is displayed to the public. We give you helpful tools and extensive support to manage your pharmacy's marketing efforts, appearance in search results, online presence and much more. By maintaining consistent branding across every patient touchpoint, you'll be able to cultivate lasting awareness for your pharmacy and attract more foot traffic over time.

The recently updated My GNP mobile app is changing the way pharmacies connect with their patients.

Each month, averages more than 168,000 page views

National Brand Awareness

Leverage the pervasive brand recognition and trust of Good Neighbor Pharmacy as we rally all of our members under the banner of independence. We advertise nationally in support of our monthly health themes and promote the value of community pharmacies like yours, which helps us maintain a high level of awareness for Good Neighbor Pharmacy while still giving you the freedom to be your own unique brand. That way, you can simply market your business as being "powered by Good Neighbor Pharmacy" and capitalize on the priceless brand affinity we've built up over the years without compromising your one-of-a-kind identity.


We’ve developed a palpable presence on Capitol Hill because we feel so strongly about the importance of your voice and your role as a trusted, community-based healthcare provider. Our Government Affairs team works directly with legislative and regulatory bodies every day to ensure that you can continue to do what you do best—provide the highest quality patient care in the community setting.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators

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