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Our team of independent pharmacy professionals has decades of collective experience. From our executive group to our business coaches to our merchandisers, we're united in our belief that the best care is fundamentally local. That’s why we work together to provide you with all the guidance and resources you need to deliver the personalized care your community deserves.

Brian Nightengale Brian Nightengale, RPh, PhD
President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy
Jennifer Zilka Jennifer Zilka
Group Vice President, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Field Programs and Services
Peter Kounelis Peter Kounelis
Vice President, Elevate Provider Network
Phyllis Houston Phyllis Houston, MSOL
Vice President, Program Development and Market Intelligence
Charlie Le Bon Charlie Le Bon
Director, Pharmacy Ownership Services
Andy Clarey Andy Clarey
Senior Director, Merchandising and Pharmacy Transformation Services
Lara Knudsen Lara Knudsen
Senior Director, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Member Services


Business Coaches

Our business coaches are at the heart of what we do. Many of them are former pharmacists and all of them have deep experience in the independent pharmacy space. From running a profitable business to optimizing care services to improving patient relationships, their relevant expertise and contacts with like-minded experts will help improve your practice.
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Good Neighbor Pharmacy Managers

Our Good Neighbor Pharmacy managers are industry experts who know exactly how our programs can be leveraged to bring the best out of your business. They’ll work with your business coach to craft a plan specifically designed to simplify your operations, amplify your brand and protect your independence.
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Managed Care Experts

Navigating the complex world of pharmaceutical reimbursements can be challenging. How can you be certain you're getting the best return possible? Our managed care experts help you get exactly that. With deep knowledge of reimbursement processes, logistics and contracting, they use a data-driven approach to maximize your profit margins.

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Advertising Managers

Establishing your brand as a presence in your community is fundamentally important for any pharmacy. Your advertising manager will work with you to create a marketing plan customized to your needs. You’ll develop a close relationship with your advertising manager through consultation sessions that cover everything from Google paid search to Facebook posts to advertising strategy.
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Merchandising Specialists

Staffed with retail and pharmaceutical experts, our merchandising specialists will help set up your store's front end, manage your inventory more efficiently and optimize all of your merchandising practices. Using both national and local data, they'll help you determine what products will sell fastest in your specific community and implement specialized planograms.
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Pharmacy Acquisition Advisors

Our Pharmacy Ownership Services team is comprised of experienced professionals with connections throughout the industry. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a pharmacy, our team will harness its network to help you find the most relevant fit. They're not simply consultants who offer one-time advice; they're relationship builders who will work closely with you through the long ownership transition process. They're committed to keeping independent pharmacies independent and excel at bringing together buyers and sellers at the right time for the right reasons.
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Pharmacy Transformation Experts

When your pharmacy needs to make an important shift in its appearance, practices or operations, your business coach will work with our pharmacy transformation team to make sure its done the right way. Our team brings together experts from dozens of relevant industries. If your store needs a cosmetic change, our design and architectural support is unparalleled. If you need to shift your product approach, our buying and financial experts will deliver sound guidance. No matter how big or small the transformation, we have the team that can effectively support it.
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At Good Neighbor Pharmacy, our expert team is aligned in its commitment to your needs and the interests of independent pharmacies across the United States. Want to know more about how Good Neighbor Pharmacy can amplify your brand, simplify your business operations and protect your independence?
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