In-Store Experience

Employee Development

Encourage your employees to be more effective in the workplace by treating them to an intensive course customized to the needs of your pharmacy. We combine industry best practices with the insight of your business coach to tailor a training program that will empower your staff to support your business goals to the best of their ability. Led by an expert instructor, your team will learn how to improve productivity, enhance patient satisfaction, identify new initiatives and better meet the needs of today’s customers.

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Coached Pharmacies on Average Achieve a 5% Increase in Sales Per Employee

Patient Services

Inspire patients to fill their prescriptions on time and take their medication as directed by employing several methods proven to boost adherence. Using these tools and tactics under the guidance of your business coach will help you develop more influence over your patients so you can improve outcomes and optimize your prescription business all at the same time.


Identify opportunities to have a more positive impact on patient outcomes with the help of your business coach. Using a variety of tools and techniques, your coach will help you determine which patients need more attention and what you can do to boost their adherence. From simple communications to medication synchronization, you'll get guidance on how you should take action to have the greatest impact on your Star Ratings and your profitability.

Expo Rx Savings Card

Help patients afford their prescription medications by participating in this pharmacy-friendly program. This savings card gives patients competitive discounts on a wide variety of generic medications. There's no membership fee or enrollment process involved, so it's easy for any patient to start saving money the next time they visit your pharmacy.

Patient Engagement Center

Pinpoint individuals who are non-adherent and may be negatively impacting your performance in the Star measures with this patient-centric dashboard. Your Patient Engagement Center gives you all the data you need to focus your efforts on the patients who require intervention. It also provides you with one-click access to pharmacy benchmarking reports, EQuIPP outliers and your Mirixa MTM cases so you can deliver more personalized patient care to those who need it most.

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Front-End Impact

Squeeze more revenue out of your front end by implementing a combination of proven programs designed to optimize your non-prescription business. Working closely with your business coach, you'll be able to finetune your operations and capitalize on high-performing special promotions. By simplifying how you source and market your over-the-counter products, you can create a more positive—and profitable—customer experience.

Front-End Effectiveness

Get the guidance you need to develop the right mix of products to carry in the front end of your pharmacy. Your business coach will help you determine top items and develop an action plan to increase your over-the-counter sales, monitor results and make adjustments to maximize your front-end revenue. You’ll also get assistance training your staff to ensure the front end of your pharmacy is a distinctive shopping destination that patients want to visit again and again.

Front-End Kit

Enhance your front-end appeal with easy-to-follow guides and materials designed to optimize your non-prescription business. This kit gives you the tools you need to strengthen your front-end performance and a detailed rundown of how to implement changes, saving your staff time as they make adjustments that will have the biggest impact on your pharmacy.

Hot Price

Increase foot traffic to your pharmacy and drive front-end sales by highlighting competitively priced over-the-counter products. We recommend aggressive retail pricing and provide you with eye-catching point-of-purchase display materials to capture customer attention. Plus, your margins are protected through manufacturer reimbursement for each markdown, making this a surefire way to boost revenue

Product Autoship

Ensure you always have enough inventory of fast-moving Good Neighbor Pharmacy brand products on hand, which is an effective way to keep value-oriented customers coming back to your pharmacy. By opting in to this convenient program, you’ll automatically receive monthly shipments and save 5-50% on all qualifying items. Plus, each product is guaranteed for full return privileges within standard return policy timeframes, so you never have to worry about overstock.

Kids Vitamin Program

Keep the kids in your community growing strong by offering families a free monthly supply of vitamins for each child in their household. This program gives you a unique opportunity to help the parents in your area save money on important supplements while increasing foot traffic to your pharmacy and building brand loyalty. As part of the program, we give you a 75% discount on our private label vitamins and supply you with a variety of marketing materials to promote this special offer to patients, prescribers and school officials.

Price File Updates

Build satisfaction and loyalty among your customers by making sure your front-end prices are always competitive with the other stores in your area. We carefully track the latest trends in over-the-counter products and send you updated pricing files on a regular basis. You can simply upload these adjustments to your system and instantly apply the changes across all of the products in your front end.

Retail Remedy

Stay current on the latest over-the-counter promotions, new product announcements and industry trends with Retail Remedy, our monthly magazine designed specifically for your front-end manager and pharmacy staff. Inside each issue, you’ll find information on our top-selling products, as well as discounted pricing on more than 400 items. This is your guide to growing, merchandising and managing a more successful front end.

Zone Pricing

Get clear guidance on how you should price your over-the-counter products to be as competitive as possible in your community. By taking your location and the surrounding businesses into consideration, we’ll help you select the appropriate retail zone for your pharmacy, which automatically sets the prices for your entire front end. This maximizes your non-prescription sales while saving your staff time by eliminating the need for them to monitor and maintain prices.

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Get hands-on help managing the merchandise in your front end. From pricing to planograms, we leverage the science behind consumer buying habits to create an inviting environment where your patients will want to shop. Save time as a merchandising expert guides you through front-end enhancements that deliver the best possible patient experience. By making it easy to shop in your pharmacy, you have the potential to increase revenue with every patient who walks through the door.

Retail Merchandising Specialist

Relieve your staff of time-consuming tasks around the front end by enlisting the help of a retail merchandise specialist. This expert will visit your pharmacy on a regular basis to implement your planograms for you, ensuring your shelves are stocked with the right mix of high-margin, competitively priced items in the ideal layout. They will also package and process any expired or damaged products you have on hand, so you get the maximum reimbursement from your unsaleable returns while delivering a top-notch patient experience in your front end.


Pique the interest of customers and boost sales by using these helpful templates to merchandise your front end. Our planograms are based on extensive customer buying habit research to ensure that the most in-demand, over-the-counter categories are featured where they should be. By taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect product mix, all you need to do is follow the simple illustrations as you stock your shelves to optimize your front end.

Unsaleable Returns

Process your unsaleable returns using a simple online application and then monitor them from beginning to end as we work with the manufacturers to get the best refund for you. Once you ship your expired or damaged products as instructed, we take care of the rest. We leverage our manufacturer relationships to maximize your reimbursement and reconcile all of your payments, so you never leave money on the table. This saves you time and makes it easier to manage your inventory of unsaleable items. Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier members also receive faster, pre-funded payments within 45 days of being processed and get free on-site services, where a specialist comes to your pharmacy to process and package your unsaleable returns for you.

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Showcase your distinctive brand inside and outside your pharmacy with custom signage, aisle markers, vinyl graphics, rugs and much more from our easy-to-use ordering platform. By installing high-quality, professional materials throughout your store, you’ll boost brand awareness and front-end appeal, helping you attract more foot traffic and keep customers coming back. Plus, we also offer a variety of supplemental Good Neighbor Pharmacy-branded items so your customers know your business is backed by a name they can trust.

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