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Connecting with New Patients Through COVID-19 Vaccinations
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Although COVID-19 vaccination efforts are well underway, they’re far from over. With the recent adolescent approval for the Pfizer vaccine and the potential for future booster vaccines, you can count on there being more opportunities to attract new patients and re-engage those who visited your pharmacy for the first time to get their initial shot. These visits are vital not only because of the wider range of patients they attract to your store, but also because they require a 15-minute waiting period, giving you all the time you need to create a personal connection with everyone who sits down for a vaccination.

To help you make the most of this captive audience, the Good Neighbor Pharmacy team put together a thorough guide with tips on what you should do before, during, and after administering vaccinations. It covers everything from marketing guidance to talking points to follow-up communications. This is your go-to resource for capitalizing on this rare opportunity and using it to demonstrate the full breadth of your patient care services to both patients new and old.

We also developed a comprehensive collection of marketing collateral to go along with it. Good Neighbor Pharmacy members can log into Brand Central Station or SOCi at any time and find relevant, ready-to-use materials with timely calls to action in the “COVID-19: Capturing New Patients” library, including:

  • Bag stuffers
  • Counter cards
  • Counter clings
  • Coupons
  • Posters
  • Window clings
  • Social media graphics
  • GIFs

Whether you want your newest patients to sign up for the Free Vitamin Program or simply follow you on social media, you can find fitting creative on Brand Central Station and SOCi. And if you need help driving patients in a different direction than what’s represented there, our Good Neighbor Pharmacy advertising managers are ready to provide personalized support based on your unique needs. They can help you identify the right strategies and tactics to play to your pharmacy’s greatest strengths.

Our advertising managers can also help you utilize new materials to encourage vaccinations and tackle vaccine hesitancy. We’re constantly tapping into what our pharmacies are experiencing on the front lines to bring you the latest real-world insight so you can continue to optimize your approach to patient engagement. For example, we recently had Good Neighbor Pharmacy national advisory board member and owner of Lily's Pharmacy of Johns Creek Jennifer Shannon, PharmD, BCPS, share some advice on how to get patients who are coming to you the first time to come to you all the time.

As you continue to battle the pandemic to the very end, remember your Good Neighbor Pharmacy team is here to support you. We’re here to make sure you have tools and resources at the ready, as well as one-on-one support whenever you need it and a continual presence in the market so you can compete with even the biggest brands. Stay tuned for more to come on how we’ll be supporting you in your community outreach and advocacy on the vaccine.


Take full advantage of the 15-minute waiting period with our guidance, tools, and support.

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