Point-of-care testing

A pharmacist conducting a point-of-care test

Make testing more accessible to everyone in your community

As you continue to expand your pharmacy beyond simply filling prescriptions, few patient care services allow you to shatter traditional perceptions of what an independent pharmacy can do quite like point-of-care testing (POCT). What once required an appointment and a separate trip to a physician or laboratory now can be handled in a matter of minutes just by walking into your store. This not only lowers the barrier for many of your patients to get the diagnostic testing they need, but it also adds convenience and creates deeper engagement in their wellbeing when you can deliver rapid results, personalized guidance, and effective treatment all in one easy visit.

Point-of-care testing gives you the opportunity to practice at the top of your license and raise your pharmacy’s profile as a go-to healthcare destination. By identifying and helping to manage chronic diseases and acute infections, you can play a more prominent role in improving the health of your patients. Best of all, you can tailor what you test for to build a robust POCT offering that’s customized for your community and stays true to the core of your business.

  • Attract existing patients and new customers to your pharmacy with high-demand POCT services
  • Make it easy for people to get tested without having to book an appointment somewhere else
  • Drive revenue while improving patient health
  • Increase your prescriptions and OTC sales as you guide patients through their treatment
  • Relieve the burden on the prescribers in your area, deepen your relationships, and boost referrals
  • Position your pharmacy as a healthcare destination within your community


Simplify setup with the help of a business coach

If you’re a Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier member, your dedicated business coach can walk you through the POCT implementation process and get you testing as soon as possible. They’ll help you satisfy all the licensure requirements, train your team, strategize workflow, and much more. Contact your coach today to get started.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach providing guidance to an independent pharmacy owner

Partner with an advertising manager to spread the word

Premier members can also work with their dedicated advertising manager to develop a comprehensive strategy to communicate this new POCT offering to their community. We’ve created a comprehensive collection of marketing materials that you can use across a variety of channels to attract both new and existing patients into your store. Contact your ad manager today for details.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach providing guidance to an independent pharmacy owner

Not a Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier member yet?

Become one today to get access to our best-in-class expert support all year around.

Download our point-of-care testing implementation guide and FAQs

If you’re ready to get started, our POCT implementation guide will walk you through the steps required to begin testing in your pharmacy and our FAQs will answer some of the basic questions you may have. Note that state-specific requirements vary.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy point-of-care testing patient-facing marketing materials

Find helpful point-of-care testing marketing materials and resources


Good Neighbor Pharmacy point-of-care testing patient-facing marketing materials

Good Neighbor Pharmacy members can access print and digital POCT marketing materials on Brand Central Station and SOCi. These creative assets will help you promote your POCT offering to your patients online and in your store. On Brand Central Station, you can also find the Point-of-Care Testing Marketing Execution Guide, which includes an overview of available marketing materials, additional ways you can promote the service to your patients through digital marketing, and tips for in-store and digital promotion.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy point-of-care testing patient-facing marketing materials

Test for COVID-19, Flu A, and Flu B with just one sample

When your patients develop concerning symptoms in our current environment, the first thing they want to know is whether it’s COVID-19 or the flu; the next thing they want to know is where they should go to get tested. The latest assay from BD Veritor™ offers three tests in one with simple functionality and rapid digital readout. This allows you to give your patients the answers they need fast along with treatment options and quarantining requirements.
B.D. Veritor COVID-19 + Flu test analyzing device

Purchase two rapid detection COVID-19 + flu test kits now in ABC Order and receive a free digital analyzer!*


B.D. Veritor COVID-19 + Flu test analyzing device


*To take advantage of this special offer, you must purchase item #10260730 (BD #256095), which is for two COVID-19 + flu test kits (60 tests total) and one complimentary analyzer. Additional items that may also be purchased to enhance your POCT offering include:

  • COVID-19 + flu test kits (30 count): #10259885 (BD #256088)
  • Strep test kits (30 count): #10160653 (BD #256040)
  • BD Veritor Plus System analyzer: #10187251 (BD #256066)

BD Veritor point-of-care testing video series

BD Veritor COVID-19 + flu brochure

BD Veritor COVID-19 + flu presentation

BD Veritor COVID-19 + flu instructions

BD Veritor COVID-19 + flu testing poster

BD Veritor Plus system details


See how your peers are using POCT to provide next-level patient care

Haller’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in Fremont, California

Haller’s Pharmacy

Fremont, California

Haller’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in Fremont, California

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Haller’s Pharmacy was negatively affected by their limited number of in-person customers. Owner Jasmine Basrai realized there was a significant opportunity in COVID-19 point-of-care testing, so she rallied her team and enlisted the help of her Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach. Together, they reviewed the process around CLIA waivers, testing machines, marketing POCT, pricing/billing strategies, and various other forms and logistics.

Because they acted so quickly, Haller’s Pharmacy became the go-to pharmacy in their community for POCT. In December 2020 alone, they provided more than 300 COVID-19 tests, which generated $38,000 in additional revenue. Their prescription business was also positively affected. In the first quarter of 2021, their prescription count doubled, their patient count increased by 70%, and prescription revenue increased by 30%.

"Our business coach has always been a phenomenal resource for Haller’s Pharmacy, both prior to and during the challenging time of the pandemic. We could not have come this far without the help we received from Good Neighbor Pharmacy Business Coaching.”

— Farah Kahn, Director of Operations, Haller’s Pharmacy

Haller’s Pharmacy and Medical Supply in Fremont, California
Peninsula Pharmacy in Marquette, Michigan

Peninsula Pharmacy

Marquette, Michigan

Peninsula Pharmacy in Marquette, Michigan

Peninsula Pharmacy owner Tyler Jenema and his operations manager Joell Joffee noticed early in the COVID-19 pandemic that their community lacked fast and reliable testing. They worked closely with their Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach to get their store ready to launch this convenient service. They focused on developing a firm process for scheduling, testing, external communication, and marketing, which was crucial to the program’s sustainability.

Testing was a success right from the beginning. Within the first six weeks, the pharmacy did over 200 tests on a cash-for-service basis. In one quarter, cash sales were up $42,000 over the previous three-quarter average, and the average gross profit per prescription increased $3.17 over the previous three-quarter average.

"It’s been a wonderful experience for our community and pharmacy. We were able to intercept many patients who were COVID-19 positive. I’m 100% sure we were able to reduce the viral load in our community.”

— Tyler Jenema, Owner, Peninsula Pharmacy

Peninsula Pharmacy in Marquette, Michigan
AndersonRx in Redding, California


Redding, California

AndersonRx in Redding, California

Sherry Borchert opened AndersonRx in April 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was shutting down the country. As daunting as that was, she saw this as an opportunity to position her new pharmacy as a destination for timely patient services. With the help of her Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach, Sherry and her team worked through the various implementation steps required to perform POCT, like applying for a CLIA waiver, obtaining testing equipment and supplies, developing a billing strategy, and more..

Within five months, AndersonRx administered over 1,000 point-of-care tests, which generated more than $110,000 in additional revenue. Sherry and her team were able to pivot their business successfully at launch to meet the needs of their community, deliver improved health outcomes, and thrive in a challenging environment.

"I had no idea what an asset my business coach would be in helping me get my business up and running during this trying time. He helped me apply for a CLIA waiver and set up vaccine clinics. I contribute much of my success to my business coach!”

— Sherry Borchert, Owner, AndersonRx

AndersonRx in Redding, California

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