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Pharmacists can play an important role in the immunization process by protecting their communities with screenings and administering immunizations. 

Offering immunizations year-round elevates your pharmacy’s profile as a go-to healthcare destination in your community. Learn more about the resources and support available from Good Neighbor Pharmacy to help you get started. Already immunizing? These resources will also help you optimize and expand your current offering. 

Vaccination 2023


Vaccination 2023
The most common complication of the flu is pneumonia, CDC estimates that flu has resulted in 9 million – 41 million illnesses, 140,000 – 710,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 – 52,000 deaths annually between 2010 and 2020. Pharmacists decrease this number and keep their patients healthy by offering flu vaccines. 
Vaccination 2023
Vaccination 3 2023


Vaccination 3 2023
HPV is estimated to cause nearly 36,500 cases of cancer in men and women every year in the United States. HPV vaccination can prevent 33,700 of these cancers by preventing the infections that cause them. Educate patients and parents on the benefits of this vaccine and get them vaccinated. 

Vaccination 3 2023
Vaccination 2 2023


Vaccination 2 2023
An estimated 1 million people get shingles each year in the US.  Help protect patients by screening and offering shingles vaccines. 

Vaccination 2 2023


Access our immunization curriculum 

Initiating a pharmacy-based immunization program can be complex, but the immunization curriculum minimizes this complicated process from billing questions and workflow, to general FAQs, and implementation guides, explore our immunization curriculum available to all Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Elevate members.  

Order vaccines

AmerisourceBergen offers you the ability to preorder flu vaccines. Other vaccines are available through ABC Order. Note that product stock and availability may vary.  

Simplify setup with the help of a dedicated team

If you’re a Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier member, your dedicated business coach and advertising manager can walk you through the immunization implementation process. 

See how your peers are reaping the benefits of immunizations

Utilizing Technicians to provide Immunizations…

“…Technicians were a strong part of the healthcare team when it came to the COVID-19 vaccines. We were reluctant at first, but we realized in order to accommodate all the patients that need vaccines, we need extra hands. Now that we’re two years into this process, a lot of our technicians have taken full control of immunizations and it has lifted the load on the pharmacists…”

“…it’s a no brainer, I don’t know why pharmacies wouldn’t consider providing immunizations – it’s a misconception that you’d be stepping on the toes of providers in your area”

- Brian Pinto, RPH Tiffany Natural Pharmacy Westfield NJ

Growing a business from the ground up with Immunizations...

“When we were formulating our plan to open our pharmacy, we knew clinical services would be a critical component. We are located in a small rural town in southeast Georgia. When we were preparing to open, COVID-19 vaccines were just becoming available under the emergency use authorization, and we applied to become a vaccination site. We were the only pharmacy providing vaccines in several counties. We grew our vaccination business from there.”

Sarah Swinson PharmD, Briana Aycock PharmD, Baxley Wellness Pharmacy


Find helpful vaccine marketing materials and resources for Good Neighbor Pharmacy members

flu kit

CDC resource center

2023-2024 flu vaccine program


2023-2024 flu vaccine comparison chart 

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