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Every independent pharmacy has a story that deserves to be heard

Independent pharmacies are so deeply ingrained in their community that it’s only natural for them to develop into something equally as unique over time. Whether it’s in the products they sell, the services they offer or the way they greet people when they walk through the door, it all adds up to a distinctive shopping experience that can’t be manufactured.

You have the freedom to adapt to the needs of your patients, which is the key to a healthier community. No one can serve your patients quite like you can, and that’s a story that deserves to be heard …

  • By patients who need an advocate for their wellbeing
  • By prescribers and caregivers who need a partner they can trust
  • By legislators who need a beacon in the communities they serve

What’s your story?

Unlike ever before, consumers are craving niche brands that offer an authentic, personalized connection. There’s never been a better time to clearly define what sets your pharmacy apart and amplify those characteristics. Think about what you do differently and what you can offer patients that no one else can. Now, let’s capture that for the world to see.

Tell us what makes your pharmacy a one-of-a-kind healthcare destination in 300 words or less. Fill out this form, upload a picture if you like and we’ll share your story with pride.

Every Good Neighbor Pharmacy has something special to offer

Love Oak Pharmacy—Eastland, Texas

What sets our pharmacy apart is the foundation of our business and our mission: Love God. Love Others. Love Life. We believe local, relationship-driven healthcare improves patient outcomes and lowers healthcare costs, which is why we focus on showing each patient how much we care. And it all starts with the marriage of our owners, Dr. Benjamin and Heather McNabb. They wed on a HOT summer afternoon in July. Instead of using the traditional unity candle during the ceremony, Ben and Heather decided to use a young sapling live oak tree to symbolize their union. Soil was collected from three important locations, Ben's childhood home in Eastland, Texas, Heather's childhood home in Deer Park, Texas, and the place where they fell in love, The University of Texas at Austin. During the wedding ceremony, the young oak tree was planted with all three soils to symbolize the past and how it established a foundation for their future life together. Ben and Heather then watered their newly planted tree, demonstrating that they must care for their new marriage to keep it healthy and growing. This little live oak symbolizes their commitment and love for each other. Just as the live oak tree grows bigger and stronger every day, so will the love they share. This is not just any ordinary live oak; it is Ben and Heather's Love Oak. And that same love they have for each other is mirrored in the love they have for their community.

Love Oak Pharmacy

Manor Drugs—Fresno, California

Manor Drugs is one of the oldest independent pharmacies in Fresno, and it has been under the current management since the early 1970s. Our patients comment that when they come in they see a smile and are greeted with a “hello” from usually more than one person, whether we know them by name or not. We try our best to go the extra mile, to find the oddball request whether the patient has been with us for years or is new to us. I think what makes us stand out the most is the variety of our front-end items. It’s not just the DME equipment or OTC items—it’s the not-so-common things like our compression garments, extensive wound care and the products caregivers need to provide better care for their loved ones. When our patients ask us about compression garments, many times we assist them by putting them on so that they have the best chance at compliance. Having pride in what we sell and doing our best to make sure we aren’t just trying to make a sale is a very important philosophy for us to follow. This way of business has kept us going and will help us continue growing in the future.

Manor Drugs

Countryside Pharmacy—Savannah, Missouri

Countryside Pharmacy is located inside Brother's Market in Savannah, Missouri. Our staff members are all friendly locals. We opened our doors in October 2001 and we’re still providing the fast, friendly service our customers have come to know and expect. We’re here to answer their medication and disease questions. Our motto is "keeping people healthy,” and that doesn’t always involve taking medications.   Baking soda paste for bee stings, salt water rinse for stuffy noses and ice for sprains are examples of suggestions we give. We also understand that cost is important, which is why we help our patients find affordable alternatives whenever we can. In short, we care about the health of every person in our community.

Countryside Pharmacy

B & B Pharmacy—Asheville, North Carolina

Our neighborhood pharmacy was started in 1953. Balfour Brookshire and Cotton Bishop were employed at two different stores on the same street when they decided to partner together and open this new business. They had to gather lots of optimism and borrow money to start this new venture. By developing a family-like connection with each person who called or walked in, they created a faithful, long-term customer base. We now have third-generation customers! Caring relationships have been the backbone of our 66 years of success. It takes big hearts, perseverance, willingness to adapt to the changing parameters of health care and putting the needs of our customers first. Our employees are real, caring people who continue to greet and treat our customers like family. This concept is such an easy one to grasp, but it’s also easy to overlook. We focus on this every day and it continues to produce wildly positive results. Here's to another 66 years!

B & B Pharmacy

Abeldt's Gaslight Pharmacy—Lufkin, Texas

We are the only independent pharmacy remaining in our community, and this year is our 40th anniversary! We offer delivery to our town and two other rural communities. We focus on providing personalized service to our customers, including compounding, DME, vaccinations, compression hosiery, mastectomy products and ostomy/colostomy products.

Abeldt's Gaslight Pharmacy

Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy—Boone, Iowa

Wendy Kinne, PharmD, started working at Medical Associates Pharmacy when she was 14 years old. Thirty years later, she became the owner of both Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy. In the course of serving her hometown community, she leaned that independent pharmacy is way more than filling a prescription. It’s greeting people by name, getting to know them and their family, working to save them money and making them healthier. This is something our whole team takes to heart and focuses on every day.

Medical Associates Pharmacy

CollegeCare Pharmacy—Ventura, California

We offer a variety of services that our patients rely on, including free home delivery, special compliance packaging and a drive-thru window that makes things just a little bit easier for patients with complicated medications and busy schedules. What makes us unique is our commitment to finding a solution. We love to help patients with challenging cases and issues. It gives us deep pride and satisfaction when we help someone who has not been able to get the proper care elsewhere.
CollegeCare Pharmacy

Cloney’s Red Cross Pharmacy—Eureka, California

We’re the pharmacy that services most of the skilled nursing facilities in our area. We’re on call 24/7 for the SNFs, hospice, the mental health crisis unit and our local Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. We work with insurance companies to get prior authorizations that other pharmacies won’t, and we coordinate with local payees and offer charge accounts to make sure patients get their medications seamlessly and in a timely manner. We’re also the go-to pharmacy in the area for specialty drugs and for clinicians who have patients needing extra care with their medications. In addition to compliance packaging and medication synchronization services, we offer free delivery for our patients, employing seven drivers who make prescription and OTC deliveries up to 70 miles away! We even send pharmacists into the community to set up vaccine clinics at local businesses and care homes during flu season.
Cloney's Red Cross Pharmacy

Fork Union Pharmacy—Fork Union, Virginia

Fork Union Pharmacy opened its doors over 50 years ago. Dane Yonce started here as a young clerk and returned in 1987 to serve as the pharmacist and now owner. In the past 5 years, he has also doubled the DME. It is such a gift for this small town. Dane's wife, Ann, is an RN with home care experience who is able to equip patients with the products they need to be safe at home. Our small rural community is saturated with folks in their senior years, and we try to help them and their families with the struggles they face in this new, unfamiliar stage of life.

Fork Union Pharmacy is also the immunization center for the area. We implemented point-of-care testing this year for strep and flu with an enormous response. During flu season, we hold vaccination clinics at senior centers, schools and local businesses. Dane makes every effort to connect health care to the face of the pharmacy. You can’t get that through the mail.

Our technicians are “super techs” who untangle insurance issues to get patients out as quickly as possible. Sometimes a patient just needs to talk about their medical conditions. You won’t find a more compassionate environment than our pharmacy. Over the years, Dane has watched his friends’ and neighbors’ children grow up. He often offers them a job at the pharmacy as a way to give them confidence and skills for future jobs. As adults, they return with their children saying, “This is the best job I ever had.”

Fork Union Pharmacy

Medical Center Pharmacy—Sedalia, Missouri

At Medical Center Pharmacy, we strive to offer the best customer service. Our pharmacy building may not be new and fancy, but we believe what sets us apart is how we treat our patients. We get to know them and their families. We ask about their kids and grandkids. We even know their pets’ names. We laugh with our customers during the good times and cry with them during the hard times. We pray for them. We stand beside them during chemotherapy, transplants and other major health events.

We also focus on offering services that make the lives of our customers easier. We have a thriving synchronization program and delivery service. We have talking prescription labels for our blind and visually impaired patients. Our pharmacists are even providing health education to our community by posting videos on our pharmacy’s Facebook page.

Our pharmacists are also involved in community and professional organizations and advocate for the independent pharmacy on a regular basis. Our goal at Medical Center is to be the best pharmacy we can be. We want to improve the health of our community. We want to earn the trust of our patients and the healthcare professionals in our area. We are a family and our patients are part of our family. We take pride in being locally owned, locally loved and locally operated. We are Medical Center Pharmacy!

Medical Center Pharmacy

Gibson’s Pharmacy—Dodge City, Kansas

We’ve been in business for more than 37 years and all our programs are centered around making our patients’ pharmacy experience as convenient and educational as possible. Lately, our focus has been on expanding our adherence services. We now offer full synchronization services and multi-dose packaging. Approximately 50% of our prescription volume is now filled through one of our adherence programs. We also serve a large Spanish-speaking population and make every effort to provide the resources necessary to educate our non-English-speaking patients.
Gibson’s Pharmacy

Medicine Man Prairie Pharmacy—Hayden Lake, Idaho

We’ve been offering unique solutions in North Idaho since 1998. We specialize in our custom compounding. From hormone replacement therapy to veterinary medicine, our knowledgeable staff has been certified to specialize in preparing custom compounded medications to our community. Our staff takes the time to find the right solution that is customized for each patient. We also provide a wide variety of solutions for bioidentical hormone therapy to our patients and work very closely with our local hospice of North Idaho.
Medicine Man Prairie Pharmacy

Vic’s Family Pharmacy—Nampa, Idaho

Our pharmacy has been independently owned and operated in Nampa and the surrounding areas since 1988. We’re proud to bring compounding, special packaging, immunizations, nutritionals and other services to our community. They depend on us because they know we sincerely care about patient outcomes and see the value in relationships. Our mission is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives any way we can. What sets us apart from other pharmacies is that we’re very good at meeting special needs. The most important thing we want is for our customers to feel that we’re open to answering questions. We want to make sure they have the knowledge and instruction they need to be comfortable with the medication they receive.
Vic’s Family Pharmacy

Fox Drug of Torrance—Torrance, California

Fox Drug was established in 1948 and has been under the current ownership for more than 30 years. Being independent allows us to quickly respond to changes in the field of community pharmacy. Our response to some of those changes includes offering special Rx packaging, auto-refills, refill reminders, free local prescription delivery and charge accounts with detailed itemized statements. Our patient population consists of mostly seniors, so we specialize in heart health, blood pressure management, diabetes and immunizations.
Fox Drug of Torrance

iCareRx Pharmacy—Newport, Arkansas

We are iCareRx Pharmacy—a small, Arkansas town, independent community pharmacy. Our entire staff comes from a large mass merchant pharmacy background, and we all have one common focus: we care.

Our staff excels at providing positive patient experiences each and every day, and with each and every transaction. Although we have only been open for two years, we have been recognized as the "Best Pharmacy" in our community after just one year.

What makes us different from our competitors is our clean, fast and friendly service, which is recognized immediately by our clients. We still answer our phones when they ring and we personally greet each and every caller. We also offer technology where it matters, via interactive text messaging and online refills.

We recognize what our competition can do and put pressure on them to match our superior service. We make sure every patient knows they matter. We follow up when necessary and don't promise things we can’t deliver. Our med sync program has been well received and we are about to add a new compliance packaging system. We deliver to our shut-in and working clients, via our new delivery car and offer hand-to-hand, same-day service at no added charge. Our free Children’s Vitamin Program and a free Diabetic Meter/Test Strip Program have both become very popular. And our full-line immunizations, MTM, OTC, LTC and point of care services prove that we care more at iCareRx.

iCareRx Pharmacy

Villa Park Pharmacy—Villa Park, California

We’ve been under our current management since September 2003 and have been in business since the late 1960s. What makes us unique is our personal touch in customer service. We become familiar with our customers by look, voice and personality, and we tailor our service to their individual needs. One of the specific health needs of our community lately has been immunizations, particularly the new shingles vaccine, Shingrix. We now have many doctors in the area sending people to us for this vaccine because they know we’re well prepared to serve their patients.
Villa Park Pharmacy

Meiji Pharmacy—Gardena, California

My dad, Clifford Yamashita, Pharm.D., has owned Meiji Pharmacy for over 40 years. He opened the pharmacy the year I was born—one of two babies that arrived that year! Being a store owner is in his blood. His Auntie who raised him owned a local market. Being a pharmacist and having his own pharmacy was a childhood dream. It’s been 40 years of hard work, 7 days a week. He’s been the neighborhood pharmacist to many generations of families. We get to know our patients so well, and they trust us because they know him. There’s a personal bond and a feeling of responsibility. They know he’s going to be more careful because he knows them personally, and he is! He takes care of everyone. Knows everyone’s name. Some of them he’s known for 30 years—they’re family! My dad started it all, and I am really proud of what he has built.
Meiji Pharmacy

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