Pet Health

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Care for every member of the family

If you’re focused only on filling prescriptions for people, you’re underserving 67% of your customers. That’s because more than two thirds of them own at least one companion animal.

With the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Pet Health solution, you can officially add four-legged patients to your repertoire. Our team can help you embrace the growing animal health market through a collaborative partnership that delivers the products, knowledge and support you need to optimize this exciting line of business. To get started, simply fill out this form.

Capitalize on animal health as a profitable revenue stream

The animal pharmaceutical market is a $40 billion industry. Not only will dispensing pet medications enable you to tap into that valuable market, but it will also help you maximize the revenue you generate from companion sales of over-the-counter pet products as your pharmacy becomes known as a one-stop shop for holistic pet wellness.
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Deepen your relationship with patients through their pets

You’re already having personal conversations with your patients about their health and, in many cases, the well-being of their spouse, children, parents, etc. Providing guidance on how to care for their pets is a natural extension of that relationship. This will give them yet another reason to put their trust in you and keep your pharmacy top of mind whenever they have questions about their pet’s health.
A pharmacist talking to a patient

Add a layer of convenience to the lives of your pet-owner patients

Medication synchronization isn’t just for humans anymore. Why should your patients pick up their prescriptions at your pharmacy and then drive to their veterinary clinic to pick up their pet’s maintenance medication? You can get your patients and their pets on the same schedule, so all their prescriptions can be picked up at your pharmacy in one simple stop.
A pharmacist handing a bag with prescriptions in it to a patient

Cultivate a more unique in-store experience and digital presence

Specializing in pet medications adds another chapter to your pharmacy’s story and gives you more to share with your community. You can authentically incorporate animals into your store’s decor and social media accounts, because, let’s be honest, no one ever sneered at a picture of an adorable puppy—it will only make your pharmacy that much more enjoyable to visit.
A pet health promotional poster on the wall of  a pharmacy

Order pet medications seamlessly through ABC Order

All the pet medications in our formulary are integrated into the AmerisourceBergen ordering platform, so there won’t be any disruption to your workflow. You can purchase human and animal pharmaceuticals on ABC Order from the same place at the same time for a smooth shopping experience.
A pharmacist using ABC Order to purchase pet medications

A fun way to fetch loyal customers and get them to stay

Whether you compound medications for certain animals or you’ve never filled a single prescription for a non-human customer, this is the perfect way to pamper your patients who are also pet owners by simplifying how they get maintenance medications and OTC items for their furry family members. We make it easy to stock the most common prescriptions in your pharmacy and complement them with a planogram dedicated exclusively to over-the-counter pet products.
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We’ll provide you with clear guidance on how to spread the word and give you access to an extensive collection of multi-channel marketing materials. With these print and digital tools, you’ll have no problem showing your patients that you’re fully prepared to care for everyone in their family—including the ones with fur.

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A woman showing someone a Facebook post promoting pet health on her phone

Ready to engage the pet lovers in your community and provide more comprehensive care in your pharmacy? Fill out this form and a Good Neighbor Pharmacy team member will contact you with more information.