Elevate Provider Network Program Partners

Pre and Post Edit Services, powered by eRx Network

Now Change Healthcare

This crucial solution is like spellcheck for your claims. It automatically reviews every submission and makes real-time edits, so small mistakes never jeopardize your full reimbursement. Elevate and eRx Network have collaborated to create a suite of edits just for independent pharmacies to ensure financial, administrative and legal compliance every time. Email address:  PharmacySales@changehealthcare.com

Reconciliation, powered by FDS

Reconciling third-party payments is a tedious task that never ends, which is why our system automatically tracks every reimbursement for you and provides you with the tools you need to chase claims. Email address: ThoughtSpot@fdsrx.com

Patient Engagement Center, powered by PrescribeWellness

This patient-centric hub gives you all the data you need to focus your efforts on patients who are non-adherent and may be negatively impacting your performance in the Star measures. In addition, all relevant Elevate information and resources are found here for easy access. Email address:  mrubalcaba@prescribewellness.com