Alan Johnston

Project Manager, Pharmacy Transformation Services

Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Alan Johnston is a Pharmacy Transformation Services project manager who collaborates with and consults Good Neighbor Pharmacy members on improving the functionality and outward appearance of their store. These projects fall into three categories: 1) improving current locations and making changes to position them for long-term success; 2) helping businesses relocate to a more suitable location so they can continue to thrive in the ever-changing world of pharmacy; and 3) adding a new location.

Alan uses a collaborative approach involving the store owner and the designer to obtain all-around buy in for the project. He helps the store owner every step of the way to ensure projects are completed on time, serving as the store’s second set of eyes throughout the duration.

Alan has been with AmerisourceBergen for 14 years and has held several roles in merchandising, sales and Good Neighbor Pharmacy field solutions. Prior to joining AmerisourceBergen, he worked for 28 years at a major wholesale distributor in sales management and category management, including serving as director of purchasing.

Alan graduated from Saint Petersburg College and attended the University of South Florida.

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