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Guardians of the Pharmacy

By Charlie Le Bon

United by independence, community pharmacies are a formidable force in the healthcare delivery system. Being unique is what gives independents their strength, and together they support millions of Americans with services tailored to their local communities. From dispensing prescription drugs to providing medication therapy management programs, these pharmacies serve generation after generation with a commitment to personalized care that is nothing short of legendary.

Independent community pharmacy is resilient to say the least, but it isn’t invincible. Just as any other alliance of superheroes, its ranks are always in flux. For every independent that opens up shop or endures beyond the century mark, there’s another that succumbs to market pressures and joins the league of chains.

The current landscape is treacherous and the threats might seem endless, but hope will prevail. There are solutions out there that make it easier than you think to buy an independent pharmacy or sell one to an independent buyer so the legacy lives on. If you believe in the goodness of independents, you can do your part to preserve the future of community pharmacy, and this infographic explains exactly why you should.
Pharmacy Ownership Infographic

Are you ready to step up and protect the legacy of independent pharmacy?

Our team of pharmacy acquisition advisors has your back and can help you make your next move.
A pharmacy seller hands the keys over to the new owner

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Vice President, Expansion Services
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