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Hospice Pharmacy Connect

Care for your patients in hospice while being paid fairly

AmerisourceBergen Hospice Pharmacy Connect for hospice agencies connects local hospices to your high-quality local pharmacy, giving you fair reimbursement.

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We match local high-quality independent community pharmacies with independent hospice agencies - keeping local caregivers in charge of local care. Hospice patients benefit from best-in-class pharmacy services and clinical support from your pharmacy, while you benefit from fair reimbursement and additional transparency. 

  • Local hospice agency matched with your independent pharmacy
  • Direct pharmacy–hospice relationship
  • Patients receive award-winning* care
  • Interdisciplinary team participation
  • Medication management
  • Transparent reimbursement
  • Payment for services provided to hospice patients
  • Medication disposal program
  • Preferred network status
  • Hospice and palliative care training if needed

    *Good Neighbor Pharmacy awarded J.D. Power & Associates highest in overall satisfaction 2020.

Better reimbursement

By working transparently with your pharmacy and the local hospice agency, you're paid fairly and you're able to concentrate on providing high-quality local pharmacy services to hospice patients. 

Clinical support

Work with an interdisciplinary team to provide the best care for each patient, with medication management and reviews for non-formulary and over-prescribed drugs.

Compassionate care

As a local community pharmacy, you're known for superior customer service and top-level customer satisfaction. Continue providing your high-touch level of care to patients in your community as they transition into hospice. 

Kyle Klitzke, Community Pharmacy, Monroe, LA

Since working with the Hospice Pharmacy Connect program, we have seen our average gross profit per hospice script go up from $3.20 to $13.16, a 412% increase. At the same time, we have been able to drive the cost to the hospice down by $4.32 per patient day for an annualized savings of around $55,000 per year. The hospices love us and we love them now as well! It’s a winning program for everyone.

Barry Feely, Medicine Man North Pharmacy, Inc., Hayden, ID

This solution has helped me realize the strength pharmacy has in delivering high quality pharmacy services to local hospices. By supporting our local hospice agency, our local pharmacy provides the high-quality services hospice patients require while optimizing hospice drug spend. We keep local care in our community.

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Hospice Pharmacy Connect is a Pharmacy Services Manager (PSM).

“Connecting local hospices with local pharmacies to enhance patient care”.

We Believe

The patient always comes first.  Independent, personalized care provides the best possible outcome. Local relationships are extremely valuable healthcare providers should be enabled to be healthcare providers.


A world where local caregivers have the means to provide prompt, personalized and compassionate care to their patients.


To make it easy for hospices, pharmacists, and other medical professionals to serve each other and their patients.

Hospice Pharmacy Connect

Meet the team

Mark Bernhardt
National Director, Business Development
Mobile: 714-329-9560 
Tessa Fricke

Business Director
PBA Services
Email Tessa
Mobile: 714-430-7617

Tracy Gunn
Hospice Sales Executive,
West Region
Mobile: 818-321-8784
Carmen Hargrove

Onboarding Specialist
Email Carmen
Mobile: 678-241-1608

Mark Pilkington, M.S., R.Ph.
Vice President, Managed Care
Office: 714-704-5086
Mobile: 714-618-4894 
Robert Mosby, Pharm.D., J.D.
Business Director
PBA Services
Mobile: 501-353-3257
Amanda Riedell
Hospice Sales Executive,
Mobile: 469-978-6089
Vince Sanchez
Hospice Sales Executive,
Mid-West Region 
Mobile: 773-326-8247
Sierra Smith
Hospice Sales Executive,
East Region
Mobile: 470-510-9169


Contact Hospice Pharmacy Connect today to learn more about how you can receive:


  • Fair reimbursement for medications

  • Payment for services beyond the fill

    • Medication reviews

    • Interdisciplinary team meetings

    • Special packaging

    • After hours service fees

    • Delivery

    • Compounding


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