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Care for your patients in hospice while being paid fairly

We match local high-quality independent community pharmacies with independent hospice agencies - keeping local caregivers in charge of local care. 

Hospice patients benefit from best-in-class pharmacy services and clinical support from your pharmacy, while you benefit from fair reimbursement and additional transparency. 


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Compassionate Care

As a local community pharmacy, you're known for superior customer service and top-level customer satisfaction. Continue providing your high-touch level of care to patients in your community as they transition into hospice. 

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Clinical Support

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Work with an interdisciplinary team to provide the best care for each patient, with medication management and reviews for non-formulary and over-prescribed drugs. 

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Better Reimbursement

By working transparently with your pharmacy and the local hospice agency, you're paid fairly and you're able to concentrate on providing high-quality local pharmacy services to hospice patients.  

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This solution has helped me realize the strength pharmacy has in delivering high quality pharmacy services to local hospices. By supporting our local hospice agency, our local pharmacy provides the high-quality services hospice patients require while optimizing hospice drug spend. We keep local care in our community. 


Hospice Pharmacy Connect is a Pharmacy Services Manager (PSM).

“Connecting local hospices with local pharmacies to enhance patient care”.

We Believe

The patient always comes first.  Independent, personalized care provides the best possible outcome. Local relationships are extremely valuable healthcare providers should be enabled to be healthcare providers.


A world where local caregivers have the means to provide prompt, personalized and compassionate care to their patients.


To make it easy for hospices, pharmacists, and other medical professionals to serve each other and their patients.

Tracy Gunn

Hospice Sales Executive - West Region
Mobile: 818-321-8784

Based in Sherman Oaks, CA, Tracy Gunn serves customers in California, Nevada, Arizona,
Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Hawaii. Tracy has been in the healthcare industry
as a sales executive for the last 11 years. With a broad background in healthcare, Tracy started her sales career
selling medical devices, then moved on to pharmaceutical sales, and has been working in the hospice market for
about a year. Prior to joining AmerisourceBergen’s Hospice Pharmacy Connect program, Tracy was a Hospice Liaison
at a national hospice agency, responsible for coordinating hospice referrals from hospitals, physicians, skilled nursing
facilities, and assisted living facilities. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her 19-year old daughter,
watching movies, shopping and hanging out doing girl things. Also in the family is Tracy’s adorable 13-year old
Bichon Frise dog. Family and friends are important to Tracy, so family gatherings are frequent. She especially enjoys a
night on the town and karaoke with friends.

Mark Bernhardt

National Director, Business Development
Mobile: 714-329-9560

Based in Southern California, Mark Bernhardt oversees the existing Hospice Pharmacy Connect client base,
develops relationships with new clients, and participates in product development. For the past several years, Mark has been a
member of the California and Utah Pharmacy Associations, as well as the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.
Mark has spent more than 40 years in the pharmacy and hospice fields, most recently working with hospice agencies to develop
pharmacy services for them through AmerisourceBergen. He has 11 years of experience working directly with hospice agencies,
helping them control medication and operational cost. Mark enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hiking, golfing,
traveling, listening to podcasts, and going to live sporting events. He is married with three daughters, four grandchildren and three dogs.

Vince Sanchez

Hospice Sales Executive - Mid-West Region 
Mobile: 773-326-8247

Vince Sanchez is based in his hometown of Chicago, IL, representing customers in the
Mid-West/Great Lakes Region (IA, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, KY, TN, MS, AL, and MO). Vince has more than 12 years of healthcare experience,
specifically in specialty pharmacy, PBM services,  home  health and hospice services. While with Walgreens Healthcare
Services, Vince managed a specialty pharmacy sales territory that included the Mid-West, Southern California, parts of the Rockies,
Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. His last several years have been spent working within home health and hospice. Married with one son, Vince
enjoys spending time with family and taking road-trips in the summer to explore the different nuances of the United States.
Vince also enjoys experiencing the beautiful art museums in the city of Chicago as well as reading great American history books.

Johnny Tindell

Hospice Sales Executive - Central Region 
Mobile: 254-633-9871

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, Johhny Tindell serves customers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado. Johnny has more than 13 years of sales experience, most of that in the
hospice industry. Prior to joining AmerisourceBergen’s Hospice Pharmacy Connect program, Johnny was Regional VP of Sales for
Compassus Hospice for 10 years. Married with two sons who play sports year-round, Johnny and his family spends most of their
free time watching youth sports.

Sierra Smith

Hospice Sales Executive - East Region
Mobile: 470-510-9169

Sierra Smith is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and serves customers on the  East Coast. Sierra has six years of hospice account
management with a PBM and one year of first-hand hospice patient experience. Prior to joining AmerisourceBergen’s Hospice
Pharmacy Connect program, Sierra managed property rentals. In her free time, Sierra enjoys building cars, playing chess,
volunteering for the Georgia Chess Association, and swimming. She has an amazing little dog who will be seven years old this year.


AmerisourceBergen Hospice Pharmacy Connect believes healthcare organizations should spend their energy serving patient needs without administrative tasks getting in the way. We make it easy for hospice staff to prescribe, order and approve medications using a convenient online platform. Switching to electronic prescribing saves time and resources, while ensuring that patients receive the medications they need. We offer our hospice customers electronic prescribing software with these goals in mind. Our digital prescription software provides flexibility, reliability, and efficiency, all at a budget-friendly cost—so you can put patients first.

Operational Savings

  • e-Prescribing frees up on average 1.2hrs/day.
  • The convenience of the HPC mobile app allows them to approve medications from virtually anywhere, anytime. This eliminated phone calls and the need for a physical signature
  • Hospice nurses saved 60% or more of their time spent on prescriptions throughout a single day.
  • This includes the elimination of phone calls with the pharmacy, chasing signatures from Physicians, and phone-in orders.
  • With the realized time savings from Physicians and Nurses alike, Hospice boosted productivity, allowing them to see on average an additional 1-3 patients per day.
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  • Cloud Based Demo

Analytics and Reporting

  • Hospice Pharmacy Connect offers access to a variety of robust business-centric reports to meet the specific needs of each hospice. All reports are CMS compliant.
  • Reports provided by in the HPC drug management program give hospices the tools necessary to properly analyze medication utilization. These reports show utilization and costs by formulary type, by drug, and even by patient. This includes breakdowns of dollars spent on claim costs versus administration fees. Utilization is also tracked at the patient level, allowing you to identify patients with higher drug costs. The report package is available bi-monthly, so you can manage medication costs on a timely and routine basis.  The reporting tool also allows for online access to a comprehensive list of reports that can be customized. In this way, the hospice or pharmacy can access in real time, this drug information to support a clinical need or longer-term business decisions.
  • HPC also provides complete 8358 data file creation.

EMR Integration

Hospice Pharmacy Connect has the capability to integrate with the hospice agency’s EMR system which would allow the patient’s eligibility and medication coverage to automatically be transmitted electronically into the Hospice Pharmacy Connects system on a real time basis. This integration will save nurses time as they will not have to manually re-enter the patient into Hospice Pharmacy Connects system. 

 (For example, please see https://www.deltacarerx.com/)

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