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Expo Rx Prescription Savings Card (word mark)

Stay in control

Meet an urgent and growing need for your patients

10% of the U.S. population is not covered by private or public health insurance*. The Expo Rx Prescription Savings Card is a personal gesture of your care and commitment. By handing the card directly to your patient, you show concern for them as an individual. This direct connection helps build long-term loyalty and may increase patient retention.

*Congressional Research Service, 2021

Better deal for patients with insurance

You can provide the Expo Rx Prescription Savings Card to your patient if the drug is not covered, their policy does not include drug coverage, or they have a high drug deductible or copay.

Easy for you – even easier for your patients

Keep a supply of cards near your patient check-out window. When a customer is paying cash for their prescription, you can decide to offer them a card and their discount. There’s no paperwork to fill out, and you don’t need to enroll your patients – it’s that easy. The Expo Rx Prescription Savings Card is totally free to your patients – there’s no annual membership fee. Your patients can use the card right away – they don’t need to enroll.