Our Evolution

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Our marketing program is evolving to showcase your unique brand

What changed?

As we seek to find new and innovative ways to amplify your identity, we decided to shift from broadcast advertising to digital advertising and social media. Not only will this enable you to showcase your unique brand, but digital platforms like Google and Facebook offer powerful targeting capabilities that will connect you with more people within a defined radius of your pharmacy at a lower cost than traditional advertising.

We piloted a variety of tactics with a group of select Good Neighbor Pharmacy members and identified the most effective ways to help you achieve an optimal return on your marketing investment. The new model we developed now allows you to create localized marketing strategies with the help of a dedicated advertising manager. You can work together to identify high-value patients and determine the best ways to connect with them using customizable campaigns built around our topical monthly promotions.

55-64 year olds are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content on social media, compared to people 28 and younger.

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Why did it change?

In 2018, we conducted a series of interviews with pharmacists and patients from across the country—all of varying backgrounds and experiences. We used this deep qualitative research to supplement our existing knowledge built from years of firsthand learning and gain insight into how things are changing. We learned that the most important thing we can do for you is help you be as strong as possible in today’s environment while positioning you to thrive in the future. And to accomplish that, we need to make sure your community recognizes that your pharmacy is a one-of-a-kind destination for personalized care.

Consumers today are becoming less and less interested in buying stuff. Instead, they’re craving a unique shopping experience. More importantly, they want those experiences to come from niche brands that offer an emotional connection. Because you’re an independent, you’re already providing that unique experience, so our goal here is to extend that message to your community in a more targeted and trackable way.


The percentage of consumers who have used the directions or call button in a Google ad.


The percentage of customers on social media who prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.

When did it change?

Changes to the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier program went into effect at the beginning of January 2019. Since then, we've activated Google advertising campaigns on behalf of all our Premier members. Your advertising manager will continue to work with you to select and execute outbound call campaigns throughout the year. Additionally, we launched social media and reputation management tools in 2019 that enable you to develop a more engaging online presence. This was rolled out over the course of several months and all Premier members now have access to these powerful digital solutions.

Marketing resources


Social Media and Your Digital Brand

How your pharmacy is portrayed online is critical in our digital era, where patients can—and will—search for your business online. What do you want them to see? In this recorded webinar, learn how to cultivate your online brand and use social media to grow your business and build stronger relationships with patients.


Facebook for Beginners

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Optimize Your Facebook Page in 10 Minutes or Less

There are limitless Facebook business pages competing for customers’ attention, so how can you make sure your page gets the attention it deserves? Follow these steps to optimize your pharmacy’s Facebook page in 10 minutes or less.


Instagram Best Practices

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram presents a huge opportunity for visibility and engagement among patients. Apply these best practices and connect with them using Instagram to reach new audiences and fuel your other marketing channels.


Boost Your Social Media Presence

The best way to extend your reach on social media is to be active and purposeful. These tips will help you figure out what kind of content you should be posting, how to promote your pages, how to monitor your pages and how to respond to feedback from customers.

Want to join the evolution?

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