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Last updated 9/23/20


NACDS has communicated to jurisdictions that they recommend enrolling chain pharmacies as COVID-19 vaccination providers and directly allocating COVID-19 vaccines to pharmacies.

Last updated 9/23/20


Arizona is actively onboarding COVID-19 vaccinators now so that ASIIS (Immunization Registry) connections are made and all training is completed before the vaccine arrives.

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Last updated 9/23/20


The California Department of Public Health Immunization Branch in partnership with the California Immunization Coalition is conducting this survey of Chain Pharmacy to learn about plans for influenza vaccination services this flu season during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Last updated 9/25/20


Governor Lamont has announced the formation of a COVID-19 vaccine advisory group.

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Last Updated 10/30/20


Pharmacies in the state of Georgia that want to be considered for COVID-19 vaccine administration must complete the survey. All questions regarding the Georgia survey can be sent to:
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Last updated 9/29/20


Email Lincy Abraham with answers to the following questions no later than close of business on Friday, October 2nd.

1. Do your pharmacists currently go off site to vaccinate with flu vaccine at long term care facilities?

2. Would your pharmacists volunteer to work at a community POD (point of dispensing)? Or organize a POD?

3. Do your retail pharmacies have stand-alone freezers with digital temperature monitoring devices in their pharmacies?

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Last updated 9/24/20


Any pharmacist who administers an immunization or directs a pharmacy intern to administer an immunization under his supervision to a person aged three through eighteen years in accordance with the United States Health and Human Services declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act during the COVID-19 public health emergency shall report such immunization to and provide all information required by the Virginia Immunization Information System.

Last updated 9/29/20


No request from the state at this time.

Contact Michele Roberts, Director Office of Immunization and Child Profile, for more information.

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Last updated 9/30/20

Washington D.C.

No request from the district at this time.

Contact Donna Davidson, MPH, Immunization Program Manager, Community Health Administration, Health Care Access Bureau, for more information.

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