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Everything you need to know about ThoughtSpot.

Click here to download the ThoughtSpot 2021 FAQs.

What is ThoughtSpot?

ThoughtSpot is an annual conference and trade show hosted by Good Neighbor Pharmacy and AmerisourceBergen for independent community pharmacies and long-term care pharmacies. This highly anticipated four-day event is filled with countless opportunities for buying, networking and knowledge-sharing among peers. It’s the only event that enables current and aspiring Good Neighbor Pharmacy members to connect with one another, as well as the experts who support them, so they can learn best practices, experience new ways of operating their business and be inspired to evolve what they’re doing back home.

Who attends ThoughtSpot?

Independent community and long-term care pharmacy owners, directors of pharmacy, pharmacy managers, technicians, marketing staff and purchasing decision-makers.

Why should I attend ThoughtSpot?

You spend so much of your time providing care and dealing with the day-to-day demands of your business that there isn’t much to spare when it comes to focusing on the bigger picture of what you’re accomplishing. You make your patients your priority and Good Neighbor Pharmacy is there to support you in every way we can so you can keep them at the center of your world, but it’s still important to come up for air once in a while.

ThoughtSpot is your annual opportunity to get away from the grind for a few days to recharge and refocus on the past, present and future of your pharmacy. This is your chance to connect with fellow Good Neighbor Pharmacy members from across the country to learn what is and isn’t working for them, giving you perspective on your own business and ideas on what you should try next. You’ll also have countless opportunities to sit in on educational sessions and speak with industry leaders to get practical insights on how to communicate and cultivate your pharmacy’s story.

Likewise, our team of experts—including our business coaches, advertising managers, merchandising specialists, managed care directors and more—will be on hand to walk you through our solutions and help you implement the right ones for your pharmacy to simplify your business operations, amplify your brand and protect your independence. That way you can return to your pharmacy smarter, stronger and strategically empowered to focus more on providing best-in-class patient care.

What will I be able to do at ThoughtSpot?

Good Neighbor Pharmacy members:

  • Learn about the latest industry trends, ways to improve your business and how to keep developing your pharmacy’s story from trusted subject matter experts
  • Connect with your likeminded peers to share best practices and hear their stories firsthand
  • Take advantage of exclusive discounts on brand, generic and OTC products
  • Enjoy all the different types of entertainment Las Vegas has to offer

Individuals interested in learning more about Good Neighbor Pharmacy:

  • Experience firsthand how Good Neighbor Pharmacy is helping thousands of independent pharmacies simplify their business
    operations, amplify their brand and protect their independence
  • Hear from your independent pharmacy peers about how they’re using Good Neighbor Pharmacy solutions to improve their business and develop a story that resonates with their community
  • Get personalized guidance from our team of experts on how to leverage the solutions that are right for your pharmacy

Manufacturers, vendors and suppliers:

  • Introduce your newest products and services to customers in person
  • Accept customer orders and drive business as you interact with independent community and long-term care pharmacy owners and staff one-on-one
  • Increase brand awareness and capture the attention of all attendees with unique sponsorship opportunities
  • Network and develop deeper relationships with pharmacies that are there to grow their business

How can I make the most of my ThoughtSpot experience?

Before the conference:

  1. Collaborate with your AmerisourceBergen sales associate to determine which educational sessions and trade show opportunities best meet your pharmacy’s individual needs.
  2. Make a list of "must-attend" sessions and exhibit booths and a plan for each day.
  3. If co-workers or staff members attend with you, divide the conference into sections. Each team member can sit in on different sessions to maximize the amount of information gathered by the entire team.
  4. Think about what unique services you provide to your community today and how you plan to evolve over the next few years. This will help you articulate your pharmacy’s story to your peers and partners at the event so we can help each other write the next chapter.

During the conference:

  1. Attend as many networking events as possible, such as the opening night reception and the closing night celebration. Also, talk with those around you at education sessions and meals to hear what they’re doing differently in their pharmacies.
  2. Collect any and all information (brochures, samples, etc.) of interest to you or that could be valuable to others in your pharmacy.
  3. Connect with Good Neighbor Pharmacy team members in the Exhibit Hall to learn more about our solutions and determine which ones are right for your pharmacy
  4. Make notes about people you meet, ideas you hear and products you see.

After the conference:

  1. Take some time to organize the information you've gathered. Sort it by priority so that you can review after the conference.
  2. Update your database and capture the contact details and other relevant information of the new people you’ve met.
  3. Identify three new actionable insights you learned during ThoughtSpot and implement these into your daily routine.
  4. Put together a plan that lays out which Good Neighbor Pharmacy solutions you would like to implement or optimize over the next 12 months and share it with your Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach or AmerisourceBergen sales rep.