Good Neighbor Pharmacy offers solutions that maximize prescription profitability.

Our gross margin last month with the other PSAO in the preferred network was -4.5% without factoring in the post adjudication adjustments. This month, with the Elevate Provider Network, the same claims have 16% positive margin.

Matthew Wine, Just Meds Pharmacy, Saint Clairsville, OH

Elevate Provider Network®

As a member of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, you’ll have access to the AmerisourceBergen PSAO, Elevate Provider Network and be part of a managed care network that is 4,500+ members strong. We negotiate the most effective contracts for your pharmacy—contracts that balance the need for patient access and profitability. Our intuitive pharmacy analytics and benchmarking system helps you make better day-to-day decisions while our experts handle a range of managed care issues for you. With this unique combination of analytics, technology and professional services, Elevate Provider Network is strengthening our members presence in managed care and providing a smarter path to profitability.

Learn more about the benefits you’ll receive from the Elevate Provider Network.

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Payer Contract Negotiations

Elevate Provider Network’s data-driven approach allows us to model and negotiate smarter payer contracts on your behalf. This means you maximize your prescription profitability while reducing administrative time and maximizing staff productivity, so you can spend time on patient care.

Driven by our own proprietary pharmacy analytics system, Elevate Provider Network has a long-term, sustainable strategy for managing the impact of preferred cost-share networks. We are highly selective when considering the plans we join at the preferred or the standard cost-share level, based on their terms of participation and patient incentives, to ensure our independent pharmacy customers can continue to serve their communities.

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Negotiate Contracts with 35+ PBMs

A Multi-Faceted Approach to DIR Fees

AmerisourceBergen continues to support a multi-faceted approach to managing the impact that DIR fees have on our independent pharmacy customers.

  • Through our PSAO, Elevate Provider Network, AmerisourceBergen is taking a stand against excessive DIR fees. We are working diligently on behalf of our independent pharmacies to minimize the impact of DIR fees while maintaining access to patients.
  • We continue to advocate on behalf of pharmacies on critical legislative issues that impact their daily operations, and work to amplify the already powerful voice of the pharmacist.
  • We provide tools and resources, like the DIR Estimator, to help pharmacies manage the impact of DIR fees and the adjustments associated with them
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MAC Pricing Challenges

AmerisourceBergen is the market leader in MAC research and resolution as demonstrated by our success in 2015 with over 4,300 MAC challenges won! These wins affected 2,100 NDCs with more than 600,000 claims filled. With over 1 million claims now received and loaded into our Pharmacy Performance system each week from our Elevate members, we have a highly representative mix of pharmacies that allows us to effectively identify and spot negative-margin MAC prices and other market trends that affect the entire network of pharmacies.

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Central Pay Services

Improve cash flow visibility with Central Pay Services. PBMs don’t communicate post adjudication adjustments and PBM system errors may cause a prescription to not be paid at all. These claim errors leave money on the table, negatively impacting cash flow and gross profit. Central Pay Services are included in your Good Neighbor Pharmacy membership and are fully integrated with our Reconciliation Services.

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Your membership includes a claim reconciliation service powered by FDS, a leading vendor in reconciliation services. Integrated with its robust central pay service the application enables pharmacies to easily view cash tied up in receivables and to simplify and systematically conduct the critical task of reconciling third party payments. It verifies third-party payments, pinpoints underpaid claims, prevents missed checks from going unnoticed and includes tools to help you chase claims, all designed to help you avoid write-offs. And, because it is part of our interoperable suite, you don’t have to pay extra to have your claims imported into the reconciliation system.

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4% Year Over Year Rx Growth Compared to 0% for Independents. Source: Quintilesims – June 2017

Pre and Post Edit Services

As a member of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, you’ll have access to a comprehensive pre and post edit solution that works with your pharmacy system. Powered by eRx Network (formerly Change Healthcare), think of it as spell-check for your claim submissions—a double check to make sure pharmacy system submits everything cleanly. With real-time edits for financial, administrative and legal compliance, as well as a customized suite of edits available only under this program.

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Unsaleable Returns

Maximize your reimbursement on expired and damaged products with our Unsaleable Returns program. As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy member, you can benefit from our direct relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturers, which allows us to negotiate favorable supplier return policies. Your membership provides you access to an easy-to-use online application for processing and monitoring your returns from beginning to end, so you always know what stage your returns are in. With our Unsaleable Returns program, you’ll spend less time managing expired inventory so you can spend more time with your patients.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier members can take advantage of our most valuable Unsaleable Returns program, which allows you to receive one check for all eligible credits up front instead of getting a check each month that includes only the manufacturer credits collected in the previous month.

  • With our pre-funded program, refunds are delivered within 45 days of your returns being processed.
  • AmerisourceBergen handles the reconciliations with each manufacturer separately, assuming all responsibility for any credit discrepancies.
  • You get the maximum refund for your unsaleable returns much sooner, providing you with more reliable cash flow to operate your business.
  • Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier members receive free on-site services to process and package returns for shipment, saving you even more time.
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98%+ Service Levels PRxO Generics: Deliver Timely Care to Your Patients

PRxO Generics

Strengthen your business, simplify operations and find more time for patient care with the PRxO Generics purchasing program from AmerisourceBergen. The PRxO Generics program delivers economically competitive drug choices, innovative profit improvement features and performance-based rebates on a broad portfolio of over 7,000 generic drugs. Automated features combined with reliable and secure daily delivery simplify purchasing so you can focus on patient care.

Secure, reliable access to competitively priced generic drugs gives you the confidence that you will be able to provide care for your patients.

  • Competitive invoice pricing helps you manage near-term cash flow.
  • Performance-based rebates grow with your commitment to the PRxO Generics formulary and help you make smart purchase decisions.
  • Automated margin-improving solutions simplify purchasing and reduce costs to help you continue to serve your community.
  • Industry-leading service levels of over 98% ensure you receive timely and secure daily delivery of the PRxO Generics products you need to help your patients.
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