Women Helping Women

June 1, 2021

Join our host Paul Dunne and Amber Haag, owner of Haag Pharmacy, as they discuss a variety of real-life struggles and successes. As a progressive store owner, preceptor, and practicing pharmacist, Amber discusses her decision-making methodology on how to best serve her community, especially her female patients. Amber also shares how she empowers her pharmacy team, students, and community engagement activities.


Being a leader in the pharmacy and at home can present some anxieties and sacrifices that require a delicate balance of priorities. Amber poignantly dives into the personal struggles of juggling being a dedicated wife and mother, all the while running a growing business. This all requires an active philosophy on what can, and sometimes can’t, be done.


Lastly, Amber shares her personal experiences regarding her mentor and a network of supporters from coaches, NCPA leadership, and peers. Learn more about her contagious leadership style and her advice for younger owners, saying that “we aren’t in the pharmacy business — we’re in the relationship business.”