Pharmacy CrossRoads: Pharmacy Owner Donald "Sparky" Hedden, RPh

December 29, 2020

Donald “Sparky” Hedden, RPh, and the team at McCoy-Tygart Drug in Sheridan, Arkansas, won the 2020 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award. In this episode of Pharmacy CrossRoads, Sparky shares some examples of what helped his pharmacy earn this award. He explains how his pharmacy adopted an aggressive med sync program that now boasts 1,200 patients. He also talks about how installing a big tent during the COVID-19 pandemic and hiring students to be runners allowed him to safely serve patients in his high-volume pharmacy.


Sparky is joined by Robert Mosby, his Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach, who adds detail around some of the things this remarkable pharmacy does.

This episode of Pharmacy CrossRoads is sponsored by Compliant Pharmacy Alliance (CPA).