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Our GNP Connect Podcasts Are Filled With Useful Tips and Info

Listen in as we chat with leading independent pharmacy experts on a variety of topics, covering everything from collaborative practice agreements to business diversification to back-to-school shopping. During these casual conversations you’ll hear about real-world examples, best practices from your peers and much more as we explore the latest trends in independent pharmacy.



Hometown Pharmacies: Defining Excellence and Success

Listen to Hometown Pharmacies owner Ted Grothe and director of operations Chris Noth discuss their drive for excellence and success, as well as how their “Critical Driver” methodology has helped them achieve increases in OTC sales, DME scripts per patient, and med sync during the pandemic.


Women Helping Women

Hear Amber Haag, owner of Haag Pharmacy, talk about her decision-making methodology on how to best serve her community, especially her female patients, and the personal struggles she’s faced juggling her responsibilities as a wife and mother, all the while running a growing business.


Opioid Awareness and "SBIRT" Protocol

Listen to Andrew Peterson, Executive Director, Substance Use Disorders Institute, and George Downs, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, from the University of the Sciences talk about the opioid abuse epidemic and the crucial role of pharmacists as both a clinician and as a trusted resource.


Hope for Pharmacists and Patients

Join Beth Mitchell, Senior Director of Government Affairs, and Ashley O’Sullivan, Senior Manager of Policy and Legislation, AmerisourceBergen, as they discuss Rutledge v. PCMA, the PREP Act, and tactics that can be used to advocate for independent pharmacy.


Social Media and the Pandemic

Join Vince Bellitti, owner of HB Drugs, and Tracey Williams, Good Neighbor Pharmacy advertising manager, as they discuss how social media has opened new markets and expanded HB Drug’s geographic presence.


COVID Relief 2021

Join Charlie Le Bon as he discusses the Economic Aid Act rules and guidance for eligible businesses and how the ACT provides relief.


ThoughtSpot Live Backstage Pass

Listen to Paul Dunne, Jenni Zilka and Clair Poletti talk about creating a virtual tradeshow on the fly by harnessing vendor partners, industry experts, new technology and even a world-renowned, GRAMMY-winning rock band.


An Introduction to the 340B Drug Pricing Program and Contract Pharmacy

Hear Jason Atlas, Vice President, and David Hardman, Director, from the 340B Enterprise Strategy & Solutions team at AmerisourceBergen discuss how 340B works and how to get involved.


Celebrating Women in Pharmacy: Overcoming Obstacles in Pharmacy Ownership

Hear from Kim Jones, pharmacist and owner of Prescription Shop of Stuart in Stuart, Florida, as she talks about how she pursued owning her own business and how she worked with Live Oak Bank to make it happen.


Be a Diabetes Destination for Your Patients

Listen to Jerry Meece, Pharmacist, Owner and Director of Clinical Services for Plaza Pharmacy and Wellness Center, as he offers tips and best practices on being a successful diabetes destination.


Pharmacy of the Year 2019 Follow-Up

Hear an update from Lone Star Pharmacy, the 2019 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year, as we follow up with them on how their community got involved in the voting process and how the award has impacted their business over the last year.


Disaster Planning: How to Prepare Your Pharmacy for Emergencies or Natural Disasters

Get tips from Dr. Nicolette Louissaint, Executive Director at Healthcare Ready, on how to better prepare for natural disasters and emergencies so you can minimize loss and downtime when they occur.


Special Edition: Covering the CARES Act

Hear experts from Sykes and Company, AmerisourceBergen and Good Neighbor Pharmacy discuss what the CARES Act means for independent pharmacies and how to utilize these important financial resources.


Advocating for Independent Pharmacy During COVID-19

Listen in as Beth Mitchell, Senior Director, Government Affairs, and Ashley O’Sullivan, Senior Manager, Legislation and Policy, AmerisourceBergen, discuss what’s happening at the federal and state levels of government relative to COVID-19 response.


Special Edition: Covering the CARES Act, Part 2

Listen as we check back in with our experts from Sykes and Company, AmerisourceBergen and Good Neighbor Pharmacy for updates on the current stimulus package and transitioning out of the COVID-19 crisis.


Patient Satisfaction Starts with Your Staff

Curtis Ernst, RPh, joins us to offer tips for what pharmacy owners can do to empower their employees to take initiative and shape patient experience.


Honing in on Homeopathy

Join us as we welcome back Christophe Merville, PharmD, of Boiron, to learn more about homeopathy, its history and the many benefits it offers.


Collaborative Practice Agreements 101

In this podcast, we chat with Darya Inocencio from Prescribe Wellness, who explains the basics of collaborative practice agreements and how they can help eliminate certain challenges.


New Moms and Natural Products: What to Know for Baby’s First Year

Hear Christophe Merville, PharmD, of Boiron, discuss homeopathic options that address teething, colic, diaper rash and more.


Medication Adherence: Providing Best-in-Class Care

Join us as we sit down with Braheim Knight, RPh, MBA, Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach, to talk about how pharmacies can increase medication adherence.


The Science Behind Merchandising

In this podcast, we discuss different tactics to boost revenue through complimentary sales, layout optimization and internal process improvement.


Who Run the World? Women in Pharmacy

Listen to Alessandra Valdez from Ochoa's Pharmacy in Edinburg, Texas, share her journey and hope for the future of women in pharmacy.


Pharmacist and President of the PTA? How to Capitalize on Back to School

We sit down with Dianne Mann, Good Neighbor Pharmacy advertising manager, to discuss fun and simple ways that pharmacies can capitalize on the upcoming school year.


Pharmacy for Sale! The Inside Scoop on Expanding Your Pharmacy Footprint

We talk with John Pross, AmerisourceBergen pharmacy acquisition advisor, about best practices that pharmacy owners can use to operate multiple locations with ease and confidence.


Stand By Eli

Hear Sam and Ben Khadkoda’s inspiring story and how one determined mother is making bold moves to single-handedly fund research and spread awareness of a rare disease.


Risk vs. Reward: Taking Risks to Diversify Your Business

Join us for our chat with Vince Bellitti, founder and CEO of Gaspar’s Best and director of growth at HB Pharmacy, as he discusses his journey to wellness and how he turned his passion into a career.


Essential Oils: Are They #FakeNews or Here to Stay?

Is it time to jump on the essential oils bandwagon? In this podcast, we’ll talk about easy steps you can take to break into the niche market of aromatherapy.

Affiliated Podcasts

Pharmacy Crossroads Podcast

Pharmacy Owner Donald "Sparky" Hedden, RPh

Hear Donald “Sparky” Hedden, RPh, the owner of McCoy-Tygart Drug in Sheridan, Arkansas, share some examples of what helped his team win the 2020 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year Award.

Pharmacy Crossroads Podcast

Pharmacy Owner Steve Hoffart, PharmD

Listen to Steve Hoffart, PharmD, the owner of Magnolia Pharmacy in Magnolia Texas, talk about how he has used social media to support all the various services his pharmacy provides.

Drug Topics Podcast

2021 Opportunities and Headwinds Facing Pharmacy

Hear guest host Brian Nightengale, president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, discuss the outlook for 2021 with Rich Tremonte, executive vice president and president of community and specialty pharmacy at AmerisourceBergen, and Doug Hoey, CEO of the NCPA.

Pharmacy Crossroads Podcast

Pharmacy Owner Kevin DeMass

Listen to an informative and lively conversation between Bruce Kneeland and Good Neighbor Pharmacy advisor Kevin DeMass, the owner of The Apothecary Shoppe, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

PA Foundation Vital Minds Podcast

Preventing Prescription Opioid Misuse

Hear Laura Katers, MS, MCHS, PA-C, discuss leading prevention methods for combating the opioid epidemic. Support for this podcast was provided by the AmerisourceBergen Foundation’s Opioid Resource Grant program.