AmerisourceBergen Hospice Pharmacy Services

Care for your patients in hospice while being paid fairly

We match local high-quality independent community pharmacies with independent hospice agencies - keeping local caregivers in charge of local care. 

Hospice patients benefit from best-in-class pharmacy services and clinical support from your pharmacy, while you benefit from fair reimbursement and additional transparency. 

Compassionate Care

As a local community pharmacy, you're known for superior customer service and top-level customer satisfaction. Continue providing your high-touch level of care to patients in your community as they transition into hospice. 

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Clinical Support

Work with an interdisciplinary team to provide the best care for each patient, with medication management and reviews for non-formulary and over-prescribed drugs. 

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We began working with AmerisourceBergen’s Pharmacy Hospice Administrator program in 2013. This was a great opportunity for our pharmacy. We now average 500 hospice prescriptions per month between 2 hospices that we contract with. The best part is that we have dual roles as the local pharmacy and the insurance provider, which allows us to make an average gross profit of 64% and $13.46 per prescription! And that’s before any rebates!

Kyle Klitzke, Owner, Community Pharmacy, Monroe, Louisiana

Drug price management

Eliminate the middleman that stands between pharmacies and hospices and take the guesswork out of calculating drug costs. 

   - Direct pharmacy-hospice relationship

   - Transparency

   - Utilization reports

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Clinical support

Ensure that patients receive the best care possible with clinical support customized to the unique goals and objectives of the hospice.

   - Patient and therapeutics committee participation

   - Medication therapy management

   - Reviews for non-formulary and over-prescribed drugs

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Pharmacy Hospice Administrator pharmacies average $105,600 of additional revenue per year

Marketing and business planning

Expand your customer base and market share with proven marketing support and insight from a growing network of like-minded peers.

   - Pharmacy business expansion

   - Hospice business expansion

   - Pharmacy-hospice collaboration

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Managed care

Use the data-driven guidance of our managed care experts to ensure patients get reliable, cost-effective drug management.

   - Hospice market and drug management knowledge

   - CMS regulation expertise

   - Formulary and pricing expertise 

   - Custom administrative design

   - Pharmacy network insight

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The Pharmacy Hospice Administrator solution has allowed us to leverage our existing relationships with local hospices in an exciting new way. We not only have seen our margins on drug sales increase, but we have also been able to grow our bottom line through specialized pharmacy services.

Mike Wise, Pharmacist & Owner, Herold’s Pharmacy, Charleston, South Carolina

Administrative tools

Improve patient outcomes by utilizing collaborative tools that enable pharmacies and hospices to work together to manage costs and maximize reimbursement.

   - Claims administration

   - Eligibility management

   - Reimbursement coding

   - Utilization edits

   - Reporting

   - Cash management

   - Network development

   - Oversight and support

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