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Protect your independence

Strengthening our members' presence in managed care and providing a smarter path to profitability with a network that represents more than 5,000 independent pharmacies.

Elevate Provider Network continues to demonstrate an interest in the success of my business. The third-party contracting aligns with my principles and the advanced features are key to my performance improvements and the simplifying of my business operations.


With all the changes in healthcare, your pharmacy needs a partner to successfully navigate the managed care maze.

Elevate Provider Network is a proven system that combines actionable analytics, technology and professional services to manage and maximize pharmacy performance while minimizing profit leakage. Our data-driven approach results in the optimal mix of payer contracts for your pharmacy—contracts that don’t sacrifice patient access or profitability.

Stand united with more than 5,000 members when you join Elevate Provider Network. Using our proprietary pharmacy analytics system, we model and negotiate smarter payer contracts with more than 40+ PBMs based on our long-term strategy for managing the impact of preferred cost-share networks. Our intuitive pharmacy analytics software also helps you make better day-to-day decisions to reduce costs and maximize profits.

By leveraging our technology solutions and allowing our managed care experts to handle a wide range of reimbursement issues, you’ll have more time to focus on your patients.

5.8% year-over-year Rx growth compared to 2.4% for non-Elevate members

Note: This is based on information licensed from IQVIA: RxInsight for the period August 2018 – August 2019 vs. August 2019 - August 2020 reflecting estimates of real-world activity. All rights reserved.

Tools and services to maximize your margins

Payer Contract Negotiations

Driven by our proprietary pharmacy analytics system, we model and negotiate smarter payer contracts based on our long-term strategy for managing the impact of preferred cost-share networks. We’re driven by the data when considering which plans we join at the preferred or the standard cost-share level, and that clear objectivity helps us maximize your profit margins.

Patient Engagement Center

This patient-centric hub gives you all the data you need to focus your efforts on patients who are non-adherent and may be negatively impacting your performance in the Star measures. It also provides you with one-click access to pharmacy benchmarking reports and EQuIPP outliers, so you can deliver more personalized patient care to those who need it most.

Central Pay Services

With Central Pay, you get complete cash flow visibility. See when your cash is tied up in receivables or when claim errors prevent you from getting the reimbursement you deserve, so you never leave money on the table.

Tools and Resources

We provide you with easy access to the tools and resources you need to limit the impact that DIR fees have on your pharmacy business, conduct MTMs, enhance patient care and much more.        

- DIR Estimator    

- EQuIPP    

- Actionable Rx fill report    

- Educational materials       

- Star Ratings improvement tools    

- Webinars    

- Patient engagement tools

Pre- and Post-Edit Services

This crucial solution is like spellcheck for your claims.It automatically reviews every submission and makes real-time edits, so small mistakes never jeopardize your full reimbursement. Elevate and eRx/Change Healthcare have collaborated to create a suite of edits just for independent pharmacies to ensure financial, administrative and legal compliance every time.

MAC Pricing Challenges

Elevate Provider Network is a market leader in MAC research and resolution as demonstrated by our success in 2018 with more than 3,800 MAC challenges won! We attribute this success to our proactive and targeted approach. With more than 3.2 million claims now received and loaded into our Pharmacy Performance system each week, we have a highly representative mix of pharmacy claims that allows us to effectively identify and spot negative-margin MAC prices and other market trends that affect the entire network of pharmacies. Members also have access to our MAC Action Center, where they can view active challenges, cases with favorable outcomes, legislation pending, and much more.

Pharmacy Performance and Benchmarking

In addition to reducing the number of under-reimbursed claims and improving profitability, your claims data will flow into our proprietary pharmacy performance and benchmarking system. This provides visibility into your pharmacy’s performance on the critical underlying drivers of profitability and benchmarks it against your peers. It’s a patient-centric rather than prescription-centric approach and its interactive dashboards (like the Week-at-a-Glance report) draw attention to key performance indicators to help you make better business decisions.


Reconciling third-party payments is a tedious task that never ends, which is why our system automatically tracks every reimbursement for you and provides you with the tools you need to chase claims. We make it easy to verify your third-party payments, pinpoint underpaid claims and prevent missed checks from going unnoticed.

Tools to Help Patients Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs

Voucher On Demand: Automated Co-Pay Assistance Elevate Provider Network strives to help you bring more value to your patients and stay competitive in your local area. Powered by eRx Network, Voucher on Demand is an automated copay assistance solution that lowers a patient's out-of-pocket costs for more than 90 brand medications covering over 320 NDCs overall.  

Expo Card Part of our ongoing commitment to independent community pharmacy, the Expo discount card allows your pharmacy to profitably compete for uninsured and underinsured patients. There is no annual membership fee and patients can get instant access to the card’s benefits. You don’t need to enroll patients individually. With fair, transparent pricing for you and your patients that is comparable to that of retail pharmacy chains, the Expo Rx Discount Card is both patient-friendly and pharmacy-friendly.

A multi-faceted approach to DIR fees

AmerisourceBergen continues to support a multi-faceted approach to managing the impact that DIR fees have on our independent pharmacy customers.
  • Through our PSAO, Elevate Provider Network, AmerisourceBergen is taking a stand against excessive DIR fees. We are working diligently on behalf of our independent pharmacies to minimize the impact of DIR fees while maintaining access to patients.
  • We continue to advocate on behalf of pharmacies on critical legislative issues that impact their daily operations, and work to amplify the already powerful voice of the pharmacist.
  • We provide tools and resources, like the DIR Estimator, to help pharmacies manage the impact of DIR fees and the adjustments associated with them.

Pharmacist examining a pill bottle behind the pharmacy counter

Empowering you to pursue new revenue streams

Pharmacist examining a pill bottle behind the pharmacy counter
Our Pharmacy Hospice Connect solution automates the prescription management process between your pharmacy and the hospices in your community, helping you significantly increase your script volumes without disrupting your workflow.
Pharmacist examining a pill bottle behind the pharmacy counter
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators

Partnering to champion the independent voice

A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators
AmerisourceBergen believes that independent community pharmacies are uniquely positioned to positively impact patient outcomes. We were the first pharmaceutical wholesaler to have offices in Washington, D.C., and we have a dedicated government affairs team working tirelessly on your behalf to support independent pharmacies across the U.S. healthcare delivery system. We’re committed to advocacy with legislative and regulatory bodies to ensure you can continue to do what you do best, providing quality patient care in the vitally important community setting.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy managed care expert speaking to legislators

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