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Flu season has become increasingly complex because of COVID-19 and the overlap in symptoms between the two respiratory illnesses. Your patients are likely looking to you for guidance on how to stay healthy and what to do if they start to not feel well. To help you prepare and stay up to date, we’ve compiled the following resources that you can use to educate yourself, your staff, and your patients, as well as position your pharmacy as the go-to healthcare destination for flu and COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.

B.D. Veritor COVID-19 + Flu test analyzing device

COVID-19 + flu testing

B.D. Veritor COVID-19 + Flu test analyzing device

When your patients develop concerning symptoms in our current environment, the first thing they want to know is whether it’s COVID-19 or the flu; the next thing they want to know is where they should go to get tested. This is your opportunity to position your pharmacy as a true provider in your community by offering quick, convenient, point-of-care testing (POCT) for both conditions at the same time.

With the latest assay from BD Veritor™, you can test for SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A and B from one patient sample and deliver reliable results in minutes. Plus, one-button functionality and rapid digital readout simplifies the testing process even further, allowing you to give your patients answers fast along with treatment options and quarantining requirements.

B.D. Veritor COVID-19 + Flu test analyzing device

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Resources for Pharmacists

NACDS Flu Poll 2020 


Sanofi Flu Vaccination Guidebook


Information for Health Care Professionals 2020-2021 Flu Season


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Good Neighbor Pharmacy Insights

Helping Patients Navigate Flu Season While Contending with COVID-19, Part 1

In Part 1, Adelina and Steve discuss best practices for educating patients about the flu and coronavirus, as well as the different channels that can be used to connect with the community.

Helping Patients Navigate Flu Season While Contending with COVID-19, Part 2

In Part 2, Braheim and Steve talk about how to deliver next-level patient care by providing safe clinical offerings, implementing strong cleaning protocols and simply doing what feels right for the community.

Resources for Patients

NACDS Flu Vaccination Toolkit 


CDC Patient Resource Center


The Flu Shot and Covid-19: Here’s What You Need to Know