Fearless Pharmacy

Standing up to coronavirus.
Supporting your community.

The negative impact of the coronavirus has been pervasive on a global scale. It has threatened the health and financial security of billions of people, created immense strain across every industry and even forced prolonged physical distance between us. Yet, despite all these struggles, there have been countless examples of strength and goodwill that replenish our hope, and one of our brightest sources of positivity through this healthcare crisis has been independent community pharmacy.

Tens of thousands of independent pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and staff members have been working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure their patients continue getting the care they need, even when things are at their most chaotic. They’ve adapted at lightning speed in the face of a fast-spreading pandemic to serve their communities in new and inventive ways. This is what fearless pharmacy is all about!

Here we’ve compiled some of the inspiring stories we’ve heard from our Good Neighbor Pharmacy members. Read on to see what your peers have done for their community and know how incredibly grateful we are for everything you do for your patients.

If you need information, resources or support regarding the coronavirus, please visit our COVID-19 Pharmacy Resource Center.

Springfield Pharmacy—Springfield, Pennsylvania

Springfield Pharmacy has compounded lots of hand sanitizer for their community and also donated some to local nursing homes. They’ve also been able to source PPEs and have created a convenient shopping list to help their customers buy the necessities—all while expanding their delivery radius to ensure their community can get all the things they need while staying safe at home.

Springfield Pharmacy practicing social distancing and wearing face masks

West Knox Pharmacy—Corbin, Kentucky

In addition to compounding hand sanitizer for their community, West Knox Pharmacy was the first independent pharmacy in Kentucky to administer drive-thru COVID-19 testing. They partnered with the Knox County Health Department to offer this much-needed service to their community.

West Knox Pharmacy providing drive-thru COVID-19 testing

Be proud of being fearless

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Lily’s Pharmacy—Johns Creek, Georgia

Lily’s Pharmacy didn’t just expand the radius of their free same-day delivery; they evolved what it could do for their community. They posted on Instagram and Facebook asking their customers who are having orders delivered to their house to leave thoughtful notes at their doorstep that can be passed along to elderly neighbors who are in isolation. Since then, the team has collected more than 2,000 homemade cards—not just from their community, but from all over the country with lots of help from the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Now they're busy delivering them to patients of all ages, much to their surprise and delight. This is just one of the many ways Lily’s Pharmacy is spreading the love during these difficult times.

In the media: NowThis, FOX 5The Uplift

The children of Lily's Pharmacy hand make cards for their elderly patients

Ehrhardt Pharmacy—Ehrhardt, South Carolina

Nothing makes you smile quite like ice cream, which is why Ehrhardt Pharmacy has been delivering cones curbside during the pandemic. Many of their patients count on them for sweet treats, so they’re going the extra mile to serve them safely in the new environment. They’ve also increased their social media outreach and have transitioned their diabetes prevention classes and individual diabetic education classes to Zoom.

Staff at Ehrhardt Pharmacy serving ice cream curbside

Glenn's Prescription Center—Salem, Kentucky

Glenn's Prescription Center and Glenn's Apothecary have worked together to create more than 1,350 face masks and distribute them to their customers and others in their community free of charge. Every employee at both stores has contributed to the making of these masks.

The team at Glenn's Prescription Center wearing homemade face masks

Glenn's Apothecary—Marion, Kentucky

The face masks created by Glenn’s Apothecary and Glenn's Prescription Center have been given to Cumberland River Homes and a sister facility, lab workers at the local hospital, local businesses, delivery drivers and even employees of competing chain pharmacies in the area. Both teams have also made it their priority to give these out to those who needed them most, including elderly patients, those with comorbidities and caretakers.

The team at Glenn's Apothecary wearing homemade face masks

Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy—Rocky Point, North Carolina

Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy began hosting a food drive for their local elementary schools at the beginning of March. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing them to transition to closed-door operations less than two weeks later, they’re continuing to welcome non-perishable food items. And as a token of gratitude, they’re giving away a bottle of their pharmacist-formulated hand sanitizer for each donation to the drive.

Rocky Point Pavilion Pharmacy accepts food donations for local elementary schools

Jefferson Pharmacy—Palmyra, Virginia

Jefferson Pharmacy is serving as a face mask drop-off and pick-up location in support of FluCares. This local aid group is distributing free masks to neighbors in their community, particularly those who are immunocompromised or face health challenges, as well as essential workers. People in Fluvanna County can request masks from FluCares online or by email and then pick them up conveniently and safely at Jefferson Pharmacy.

In the media: Fluvanna Review

Jefferson Pharmacy handing out free face masks to their community

Super Health Pharmacy—Staten Island, New York

Super Health Pharmacy is working closely with a non-profit called Cut Red Tape 4 Heroes to provide free personal protective equipment to healthcare workers in New York. They’re sourcing critical items, including three-ply surgical masks, through FDA-certified suppliers to ensure the hard-working heroes in nearby hospitals are getting safe, reliable PPE. In addition, Super Health Pharmacy has also donated the vehicles being used to transport everything to the hospitals where they’re being distributed.

In the media: Washington Post

Super Health Pharmacy donating PPE to healthcare workers in New York

Brehme Drug—Manchester, Iowa

Brehme Drug is delivering care beyond prescriptions by lifting everyone’s spirits in any way they can during these difficult times. From having an employee wish their customers a “Happy EastRAWR” in an inflatable dinosaur costume to having the whole staff dress up for an adult prom, the team at Brehme Drug is going to great lengths to keep their community smiling while they continue to serve them through their drive-up window and delivery. Other fun themes have included COVID Hair Day, Superhero Day, Decades Day and Christmas in May.

Brehme Drug wishing customers a happy Easter in their own fun way

Larry's Pharmacy—Humboldt, Iowa

In addition to having everyone on staff wear a face mask at all times, Larry's Pharmacy is also supplying CDC-approved cloth masks to their community while operating exclusively through curbside pickup, drive-thru and free delivery. And to make sure they observe proper social distancing in their drive-thru, they borrowed a collection basket from their local church, which enables them to conduct contact-free transactions and keep everyone safe.

The team at Larry's Pharmacy using a church collection basket to conduct drive-thru transactions

East Burke Pharmacy—Hildebran, North Carolina

East Burke Pharmacy has been making sure all their customers’ needs continue to be met no matter what by offering curbside service and free delivery, as well as making personal calls to all their patients who are 65 or older just to check in on them. They’re also collecting homemade masks from friends of the pharmacy to provide to their community.

The store window at East Burke Pharmacy handpainted by their staff

McDowell's Pharmacy—Scotland Neck, North Carolina

McDowell's Pharmacy is regularly compounding hand sanitizer and has donated bottles to their local police department, fire department and EMS station to make sure their first responders are staying safe. They’ve donated care packages to homebound seniors in their community that include toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer. They’ve also been creating "de-stress" gift bags that customers can send to essential employees on the front lines of the COVID-19 response.

McDowell's Pharmacy delivering donations to their community

Madison Pharmacy and Homecare—Madison, North Carolina

Madison Pharmacy and Homecare is selling homemade masks for a low price and inviting their customers to pay what they want. They are then matching all donations dollar for dollar and giving all the proceeds to a local charity dedicated to feeding children in their community.

The Madison Pharmacy team wearing face masks

New York City, New York

90th Street Pharmacy

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing New York City to a standstill, the toll of the coronavirus has been felt deeply across the Big Apple, especially for pharmacies and other healthcare facilities on the front lines supporting their communities. 90th Street Pharmacy has been a fixture of Manhattan’s Upper East Side for 130 years. Chris Bassolino, the store’s owner for nearly 40 years, has remained dedicated to maintaining the store’s strong legacy, even in unprecedented times.

As soon as there were confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., Chris moved quickly to ensure his store was ready. Early on, to protect both his staff and his patients, Chris shifted his store to a closed-door operation, meaning they’d have to adapt to serving customers through deliveries and drop-offs only. Working long hours to overcome these new challenges, delivery staff began traversing the Upper East Side and beyond to ensure all patients received their medications, staying true to their tradition of being an old-style pharmacy where service is king—closed door or not.

With potential COVID-19 treatments in high demand, Chris believed it was his duty to support patients with the most critical need. “We need to make sure these therapies are getting to patients that need them and not sitting in someone’s medicine cabinet just in case. We’ve been talking to doctors regularly, educating them on current supply realities and communicating that many potential treatments are still needed by patients with chronic and complex conditions. We need to find a balance. It’s been a team effort, between doctors and pharmacists, to ensure patients are getting what they need during this pandemic.”

Dan's Wellness Pharmacy—Stafford, Virginia

Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy is handing out free meals to the people in their community who have lost their job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re welcoming neighbors in need to stop by between 1-3 PM on any weekday to receive a simple lunch compliments of the pharmacy.

Dan's Pharmacy hands out free lunches to people in their community who lost their job due to COVID-19

Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy—Boone, Iowa

Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy have been keeping their community safe by adhering to an hourly cleaning routine and using sanitizer after every customer interaction. They’re also encouraging everyone to arrange for drive-thru pickup or free delivery, especially for any patients who aren’t feeling well.

Medical Associates Pharmacy and Clinic Pharmacy using their delivery vehicle to drop off prescriptions to patients

Hemmingsen Drug Store—Marshall, Michigan

In addition to providing their community with extraordinary service through an enhanced delivery and curbside service, Hemmingsen Drug Store lifted the spirits of their customers by hosting a sweepstakes for a big fluffy bunny named Rex. They invited their customers to enter the drawing by taking a picture in front of the giant stuffed animal sitting in their storefront window and posting the photo on Facebook. Then on April 10th they posted a video on Facebook of them randomly selecting the lucky winner who was going to take Rex home.

A collage of photos of people posing with Rex the bunny in front of Hemmingsen Drug Store

Payne Family Pharmacy—Floydada, Texas

Committed to keeping their community and staff safe, Payne Family Pharmacy has been informing their patients about the risks of COVID-19 since early March and encouraging them to take advantage of their free local delivery. They’re servicing customers in a separate lobby where they can limit the number of people and maintain social distancing. Their staff is also wearing masks at all times and cleaning the store every hour.

Payne Family Pharmacy protecting their community by wearing face masks at all times

Lone Star Pharmacy—Santa Fe, Texas

The Lone Star Pharmacy family has been working hard to service their community in response to COVID-19 by continuing their free delivery services and compounding free hand sanitizer for their local police and fire departments, along with dozens of local businesses. They’ve committed to shopping local for daily lunches in an effort to support nearby businesses that are locally owned and are also encouraging their community to do the same.

Hand sanitizer compounded in house at Lone Star Pharmacy in Santa Fe

The Medicine Store—Basehor, Kansas

At The Medicine Store, giving back to the community is a family affair. They compounded hand sanitizer and donated it to more than a dozen local businesses—including urgent care centers, restaurants, banks and more—with the help of the youngest members on their pharmacy team.

The Medicine Store Basehor delivers compounded hand sanitizer to local businesses

Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy—Columbia, Missouri

While operating exclusively through curbside, drive thru and delivery, Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy has been compounding hand sanitizer for local health clinics, daycare centers and emergency departments, as well as their employees and their families. Everyone in the pharmacy is wearing masks at all times to keep their patients safe and they’re supporting their community by purchasing lunches from locally owned establishments.

Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy offering drive-thru and curbside services

Harry Race Pharmacy—Sitka, Alaska

Harry Race Pharmacy is paying it forward by compounding hand sanitizer and delivering it to the Salvation Army and other groups that are serving their community—all while practicing safe social distancing. In addition to encouraging customers to take advantage of their curbside pickup and free delivery services, they’ve limited the number of people who can enter their store at one time and added a handwashing station right inside their doorway to keep shoppers safe.

The Harry Race Pharmacy team practicing social distancing

Belew Drugs—Knoxville, Tennessee

Belew Drugs has been doing Friday videos to highlight their staff, services and products, making sure their community stays informed on how the pharmacy can help them through these challenging times. They’ve also used this opportunity to give away hand sanitizer to lucky contest winners.

Belew Drugs giving away hand sanitizer to contest winners

Carroll Pharmacy—Smithfield, North Carolina

Aside from keeping their customers constantly up to date via social media on the essential products they have in stock, Carroll Pharmacy took the opportunity to give back to their community by handing out free pizza and box lunches to not only feed those in need, but also lift their spirits during these difficult times.

Carroll Pharmacy handing out free pizza and box lunches to their community

Lone Star Pharmacy—Canyon Lake, Texas

Canyon Lake is a small, close-knit community where the local businesses rely heavily on seasonal activity and have been hit very hard during this pandemic. Lone Star Pharmacy is visiting restaurants in the area, ordering takeout and posting pictures on Facebook to help promote each business to the community. They’re also donating hand sanitizer to their local EMS, fire department and sheriffs to ensure they have extra protection while on the front lines.

Lone Star Pharmacy in Canyon Lake supporting local restaurants

Moundsville Pharmacy—Moundsville, West Virginia

When Moundsville Pharmacy made the proactive decision to convert to drive-thru, curbside and delivery service only, they used Facebook and press releases to explain the changes to their community and reassure them that they would still get the same level of service. They expanded their delivery services and developed a highly efficient process for their drive thru to keep traffic moving. They’re stationing one technician outside the pharmacy to interact with every patient from a safe distance and communicate with staff inside via two-way radios. Customers are then directed to one of two drive-thru lanes or instructed to park for a moment if their order will take more time to complete.

A staff member from Moundsville Pharmacy taking drive-thru orders outside to expedite transactions

Northfield Pharmacy—Northfield, Minnesota

Northfield Pharmacy has partnered with another local business that has gotten permission to produce hand sanitizer, Loon Liquor Distillery, and is distributing it to the community. Since the distillery has been closed during the pandemic, Northfield Pharmacy has been collecting donations for them, and within the first two weeks, they were able to give $300 back to Loon Liquor. Additionally, they're selling handmade masks created by a woman from their community who had her work hours reduced and are giving her all the proceeds from every mask sold.

Northfield Pharmacy is providing hand sanitizer and face masks to their community

Clark's Pharmacy—Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Clark’s Pharmacy is keeping their community safe by serving customers via their drive-thru window, while ramping up their prescription shipping and delivery services. They’re also keeping staff morale up by ordering lunch from a local restaurant every Friday to celebrate the hard work of everyone on their team.

The staff at Clark's Pharmacy wearing face masks behind the counter

Staten Island, New York

St. George Pharmacy

For many in the local community, St. George Pharmacy in Staten Island is a symbol of resiliency—a standing reminder that New York can persevere. Located just a few blocks from Staten Island’s Ferry Terminal to Manhattan, the pharmacy had nearly a front-row seat to the atrocities of 9/11. Staten Island alone lost nearly 300 community members that day. Just like on 9/11 and the days that followed, owner Al Gentile kept his store open during Hurricane Sandy, providing first-aid supplies to triage locations and supplying community members with batteries, flashlights and appropriate medication.

In 2018, the pharmacy, which had been in the community for more than 30 years, burned down in a terrible accident. Instead of packing up and retiring, Al built a “pop-up” pharmacy in a trailer to continue servicing his patients until the new pharmacy was built.

Now, faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, Al is taking the same approach. “While we’re taking the proper precautions for our staff and patients, we’re staying open. We want to be available for our patients. We’ve always stayed open despite upheaval, and we think it’s important to show our community that we’re there for them, particularly in times of great need. Staten Islanders who worked on Manhattan are staying on the island, so we’re seeing more patients than ever before. We need to be there for them. I also think it’s an important reminder that we’ll get through this, just like other awful events in the past. And we’ll get through it together.”

Medicine Stop Pharmacy—Warner Robins, Georgia

Medicine Stop Pharmacy is compounding and delivering hand sanitizer to hospitals and first responders in their area. They also invited their community to purchase bottles to donate to healthcare workers and are matching every donation ounce for ounce, which is helping them drastically increase how much they’re able to get into the hands of the people who desperately need it to do their jobs safely.

In the media: WMAZ

Medicine Stop Pharmacy donating compounded hand sanitizer to the Medical Center of Peach County

Sterling Pharmacy—Sikeston, Missouri

Sterling Pharmacy is working hard to offer options that make things a little easier for their customers, including free delivery, fast drive-thru service and convenient medication ordering through their app and website. They’re compounding hand sanitizer for essential workers and donating care packages to the front-line staff in their local nursing homes. They also hosted a contest encouraging customers to nominate their favorite essential workers and awarded one lucky winner with a special gift basket to show their appreciation.

Sterling Pharmacy gave away this special gift basket to one lucky essential worker

S & J Pharmacy—Argyle, Texas

S & J Pharmacy is consistently posting video updates on Facebook to let their customers know what products they have in stock and remind them that their drive-up window is open and they’re making deliveries.

The S & J Pharmacy team

Brewster Family Pharmacy—Brewster, Ohio

Brewster Family Pharmacy was chosen to be part of a new initiative with UnitedHealthcare, in collaboration with the Ohio Pharmacists Association, that is aimed at expanding patients’ access to care at a time when health systems are being strained by the COVID-19 pandemic. This first-of-its-kind program will allow Brewster Family Pharmacy to provide much-needed clinical services to their patients and be reimbursed for those services.

In the media: Ohio Pharmacists Association

Brewster Family Pharmacy partnering with UnitedHealthcare and the Ohio Pharmacists Association on a new initiative

Crivitz Pharmacy—Crivitz, Wisconsin

Crivitz Pharmacy is empowering their employees to give back to their local community during these stressful times. They’re giving each staff member extra money every Friday to be used at locally owned establishments to help support small business and those individuals in need, as well as inspire their community to stay positive, be kind and help one another.

Crivitz Pharmacy supporting their community by shopping at local small businesses

Brown's Advanced Care Pharmacy—Jackson, Michigan

Brown's Advanced Care Pharmacy is as busy as ever taking care of patients through the drive-thru window, curbside pickups and free home delivery services. Medication synchronization and adherence packaging have become a highlight of the pharmacy to help reduce the number of trips patients need to make to the pharmacy so they can stay safe in their homes. Their pharmacists have also spoken with local radio and TV stations to keep the public informed about what they can expect at the pharmacy level.

The staff at Brown's Advanced Care Pharmacy wearing face masks

Medicine Center Pharmacy—New Philadelphia, Ohio

Medicine Center Pharmacy has been using it's ACHC/PCAB-accredited compounding lab to produce hand sanitizer for first responders who are crucial to keeping their patients and staff safe and healthy during this time. They also recently had the honor of donating compounded hand sanitizers to the team at Community Hospice.

Medicine Center Pharmacy donating hand sanitizer to Community Hospice

Community Pharmacy—Denton, Texas

The staff at Community Pharmacy has been supporting their community during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving every customer who comes through their drive thru a mask and hand sanitizer that was compounded in the pharmacy at no cost. They’ve also donated hand sanitizer to the local police department and care packages with hand sanitizer, masks and soap to their local nursing home.

Community Pharmacy donating hand sanitizer to their local police department

Iola Pharmacy—Iola, Kansas

To make things easier for their customers coming in to pick up prescriptions and OTC items curbside, Iola Pharmacy put up simple, easy-to-follow signage in front of their store. All customers need to do is pull up, dial the phone number on the sign and say which spot they’re in for a fast, contactless transaction.

Curbside pickup signage outside Iola Pharmacy

PharmacyGo—Estero, Florida

Every Thursday morning, PharmacyGo is handing out complimentary COVID-19 care packages to the people in their community who are elderly or immuno-compromised. Each sealed bag contains a 10-day supply of hand sanitizer that has been compounded in house, Emergen-C, Tylenol, Cepacol and turmeric capsules. The care packages are also available for purchase to all other patients.

In the media: ABC7

COVID-19 care packages being given out by PharmacyGo

IHS Pharmacy & Gifts—Metter, Georgia

IHS Pharmacy & Gifts is protecting those who protect their community by donating Hand Anti-Viral Sanitizer by Pretoria Fields to the City of Metter Police Department, Candler County Sheriff's Office and Metter Fire and Rescue.

IHS Pharmacy & Gifts delivers hand sanitizer to their local fire department

HB Pharmacy—North Arlington, New Jersey

HB Pharmacy is staying connected with their community through frequent video updates on COVID-19, where they share the latest coronavirus information, helpful tips and details on what the pharmacy is doing in response. This in addition to their regularly produced content like the Behind the Counter video series. On top of that, they’re also counseling their patients on immune support supplements, as well as compounding their own hand sanitizer and acetaminophen to keep up with the demand they’re seeing from their community.

The pharmacists and owner of HB Pharmacy hold up a sign to remind their community they are always there to serve them

Davies Pharmacy—Canton, Ohio

To make sure their community has ample access to hand sanitizer, the team at Davies Pharmacy purchased squeeze bottles from stores all across Stark County and coordinated with Prime Engineered Plastics Corporation in Canton, Ohio, to secure a sizable donation of additional supplies. Since then, they’ve been compounding hand sanitizer for their customers, local nursing homes and in-store use. They also donated 180 bottles to the Canton Police Department and invited them to bring back their empty bottles for free refills.

Davies Pharmacy donating hand sanitizer to the Canton Police Department

Magnolia Pharmacy—Magnolia, Texas

Magnolia Pharmacy is not only compounding hand sanitizer for people in the community, but they’re also delivering batches to their local police and fire departments so first responders can remain safe in the field. Owner Steve Hoffart, PharmD, is also doing in-depth Facebook Live videos on a regular basis to keep his community up to date insight on the latest COVID-19 updates.

In the media: Yahoo! Finance, Pharmacy Times, Community Impact Newspaper

Hand sanitizer compounded in house at Magnolia Pharmacy

Family Pharmacy and Family Pharmacy South Aiken—Aiken, South Carolina

Before COVID-19 made its way to South Carolina, Family Pharmacy and Family Pharmacy South Aiken were already implementing their emergency protocols and adapting them specifically for this pandemic. In an effort to keep their patients and staff safe, they closed their lobby and began serving customers exclusively via drive thru, curbside and delivery. They’re waiving their standard delivery fee and maintaining usual business hours with their staff operating all hands on deck to make sure they’re able to keep providing their community the same level of personalized care they’ve come to expect from Family Pharmacy.

The exterior of Family Pharmacy

Mountain City Pharmacy—Mountain City, Tennessee

Mountain City Pharmacy compounded hand sanitizer and donated it to nearby Johnson County Senior Center to protect the members, the staff and the volunteers who are delivering meals there. Together with the other pharmacies under their parent company, Boone Drugs, they’ve collectively produced nearly 100 gallons of hand sanitizer for essential workers and businesses that serve their communities.

In the media: The Tomahawk

Mountain City Pharmacy donating hand sanitizer to their local senior center

Carroll Drug Store—Southwest Harbor, Maine

Carroll Drug Store widened their usual delivery radius beyond the borders of their small town to include every home on Mount Desert Island, which is the largest island off the coast of Maine. They’re spreading the word of their expanded free delivery service in between important COVID-19 updates on Facebook to ensure everyone in their community can get the prescription medication, OTC products and even Easter gift items they need, especially elderly patients who may not be willing or able to visit Carroll Drug Store’s convenient curbside walk-up window.

In the media: WABI 5

The exterior of Carroll Drug Store

Woodsprings Pharmacy—Jonesboro, Arkansas

Woodsprings Pharmacy is compounding hand sanitizer and has donated more than 100 bottles to their local police department, so officers can keep them in their cars and use them while on patrol. They also offer free in-town delivery so their patients can get everything they need without having to go to the pharmacy.

The Woodsprings Pharmacy team displays the hand sanitizer they compounded in house

Humboldt Pharmacy—Humboldt, Kansas

Humboldt Pharmacy is sending greeting cards to their older customers who have been sheltered at home to let them know they’re in the hearts and minds of everyone at the pharmacy. They’re also working closely with their local police department to complete home deliveries.

Hummboldt Pharmacy donating hand sanitizer to their local police department

Coastal Drug Company—Midway, Georgia

Coastal Drug Company is focused on giving back to their community. They’ve donated hundreds of canned goods and more than $2,000 to their local United Way. They’re also manufacturing their own hand sanitizer and have donated several gallons to their local hospital and the Children's Hospital in Atlanta.

In the media: WJCL

The side of a Coastal Drug Company delivery vehicle

Taylor Drug—Arkansas City, Kansas

Thanks to their compounding pharmacist, Taylor Drug has been able to stay stocked with extra-strength hand sanitizer. Not only are they making sure their community has access to the product, but they also donated several bottles to the hard-working men and women of the Arkansas City Police Department.

A pharmacist from Taylor Drug hands compounded hand sanitizer to a local police officer

Sand Run Pharmacy—Akron, Ohio

Sand Run Pharmacy has been carefully navigating the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic and voluntarily adding new duties to their already-busy daily schedule. They’re encouraging curbside pickup for their able-bodied customers and continuing to offer delivery service for those who can’t make it to the store. They’re also compounding hand sanitizer using alcohol generously donated by Tom’s Foolery Distillery. With the extra supply of much needed ingredients, Sand Run Pharmacy has been able to produce enough hand sanitizer to donate to Akron’s police and fire departments, as well as Akron Children’s Hospital.

In the media: Akron Beacon Journal

Sand Run Pharmacy donating their compounded hand sanitizer to their local Akron fire department

Gateway Pharmacy—Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Gateway Pharmacy started compounding their own hand sanitizer and providing frequent updates via social media on what COVID-19-related products they have in stock while encouraging customers to take advantage of their curbside pickup and delivery services.

A Facebook update on products in stock at Gateway Pharmacy

J & B Drug Store—Grantsville, West Virginia

J & B Drug Store is maintaining their regular hours and offering curbside pickup so their patients don't have to worry about whether or not they’re open. They’ve also given out homemade masks, hand soap and even free milkshakes to the hospital employees in their community.

The staff at J & B Drug Store demonstrating social distancing

Advanced Health Pharmacy—Portage, Michigan

Advanced Health Pharmacy is working hard to service their customers during COVID-19. They’re using Facebook Live to encourage their patients and keep them informed of how the pharmacy will be operating. They’re also greatly increasing their free delivery to make sure their customers have their medications.

The hardworking team at Advanced Health Pharmacy

Spruce Mountain Pharmacy—Jay, Maine

Since moving to their new location on Main Street in December 2019, Spruce Mountain Pharmacy now has a compounding room and they’re putting it to good use. They’re producing as much hand sanitizer as they can for their community and serving it up out of their convenient drive-thru window. In addition, they’re frequently posting helpful tips on Facebook about how to stay healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the media: WABI 5

The drive-thru window at Spruce Mountain Pharmacy

Tompkinsville Drug—Tompkinsville, Kentucky

Tompkinsville Drug is compounding large quantities of hand sanitizer for their community and posting frequent videos on Facebook with tips to help their patients maintain their wellness during these difficult times.

Tompkinsville Pharmacy produces in-house hand sanitizer

Riggins Pharmacy & Bookstore—Lavonia, Georgia

Riggins Pharmacy & Bookstore is nurturing the minds of the children in their community by hosting Quarantine Story-time on Facebook. Their team members are trading off reading a different children’s book each day to make sure young ones who are temporarily out of school keep their love of reading going strong until they’re able to return to the classroom.

Quarantine story time at Riggins Pharmacy

Mac’s Pharmacy—Knoxville, Tennessee

Mac’s Pharmacy Group has five locations in and around the Knoxville area. They had been offering free deliveries to their customers within the Knox County area for years, but in response to COVID-19, they expanded that capacity to several additional counties and hired new drivers to meet the demand, while still keeping it a completely free service. They’re also compounding hand sanitizer and giving one bottle to each customer at no charge. Finally, they’re collecting canned food donations for Second Harvest Food Bank, which is working hard to support the influx of Knox residents who have found themselves without a job due to closures.

Mike and Matthew from Mac's Pharmacy showing the hand sanitizer they are compounding in house

Pawleys Island Pharmacy of Litchfield—Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Pawleys Island Pharmacy is offering free prescription delivery to the Pawleys Island Litchfield area and have transitioned to a closed-door operation, utilizing their drive-thru window and curbside service to protect their customers and employees.

Pawleys Island Pharmacy delivering prescriptions to their patients