Expert Guidance

The majority of positive changes I have implemented in my pharmacy can be sourced directly to the education I have received from my business coach.

Brian L. Hunt, Pharm.D., Del Norte Pharmacies of New Mexico

With Good Neighbor Pharmacy, you’ll receive strategic business consulting services in critical areas of your pharmacy to improve operational and financial results. Our expertise spans all areas of your business to help you improve profitability, increase operational efficiency and free up your time so you can spend it on patient care.

Business Coaching

As a member of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, you’ll have access to experienced business coaches who have a holistic understanding of your pharmacy, and are focused on bringing innovative ideas to help you solve business challenges.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your overall business operations, including profitability, data driven marketing and labor management. We’ll help you make smarter decisions based on the historical performance of your pharmacy and your plans for future growth.

Business coaching allows you to focus your attention and energy on the health of your patients, while we focus on the health of your business—adding dollars to your bottom line.

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More Than 25 Business Coaches Dedicated to Good Neighbor Pharmacy Nationwide


Understanding and managing your pharmacy’s business finances can be overwhelming. At Good Neighbor Pharmacy, our team of experienced business coaches can help you target key profit drivers and identify opportunities to increase revenue within inventory, labor and personnel and third-party reimbursement claims. With the guidance of your business coach, you’ll enhance your daily business practices and measure the results of your efforts, and build on that performance over time.

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Advertising and Marketing

With the help of strategic marketing and advertising consultants, you’ll leverage the scale of Good Neighbor Pharmacy to improve brand awareness and drive more business to your store.

As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy member, you’ll get access to a free monthly marketing kit delivered directly to your door, personalized marketing materials, retail signage, digital support, including a personalized website, social media tips and a mobile app, as well as professionally produced television and radio ads.

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$8 Million+ Spent on Advertising & Marketing Support

Retail Strategy

The sale of front end, non-prescription merchandise plays a significant role in the revenue stream and profitability performance of your pharmacy. Ensuring you have the right mix of high-margin items, priced competitively, and supported by effective marketing, is critical to increasing sales, generating profit and driving customer loyalty.

Monthly product promotions, autoship programs, merchandising, retail pricing strategy, planograms and private label products will transform your front end into a high-profit area that attracts more customers and keeps them coming back for the products they need.

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Patient Care

The Good Neighbor Pharmacy program offers comprehensive resources to help enhance your patient care services, allowing you to attract new patients, bring in additional revenue and compete with chain drug stores.

By offering immunization programs, medication therapy management services and wellness support across disease states like diabetes and heart disease, weight loss, transition of care, and smoking cessation programs, you’ll enhance the quality of care and safety of your patient population and demonstrate that your pharmacy is a convenient healthcare destination.

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A Shortage on 20,400 Primary Care Physicians in 2020= A Greater Need For Pharmacies to Offer Patient Care Services

Managed Care

Driven by our own proprietary pharmacy analytics system, Elevate Provider Network, has a long-term, sustainable strategy for managing the impact of preferred cost-share networks. We selectively consider the plans we join at the preferred or the standard cost-share level based on their terms of participation and patient incentives to ensure our independent pharmacy customers can continue to serve their communities. Our balanced approach carefully weighs patient access, patient incentives and a sustainable margin. Learn more about AmerisourceBergen’s Managed Care services and solutions here.

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Employee Development and Staff Support

Your team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and non-pharmacy staff are crucial to retaining customers and providing the best patient experience. Our business coaches will provide you with the resources for employee development, staff meeting assistance, labor and payroll adjustments, and provide you with ongoing staff support. By appropriately managing and developing your staff, you can bring additional value through adherence and marketing initiatives, giving you more time to focus on your patients.

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Coached Stores Realize a 5% Increase in Sales-per-Employee on Average

Selling and Acquisitions

Buying or selling an independent pharmacy is a critical point in a pharmacist’s career. Not only could it be the largest financial transaction of your life, but it also impacts your staff, your patients and the community you serve.

Our pharmacy ownership advisors have more than 70 years of combined independent pharmacy experience, and they're committed to helping you through every step of the transition process. We’ll work with you to explore all of your options as you plan for your future and the future of your pharmacy. You’ll get comprehensive guidance and hands-on assistance from beginning to end to ensure that you're positioned for success.

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