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As an active participant in the global pharmaceutical supply chain, we’re engaged with government and healthcare officials as these agencies and experts closely monitor the spread of COVID-19. We have business continuity plans that include our global workforce and our teams are in daily communications with manufacturers, monitoring inventory levels and customer purchasing behavior for any potential impact to the product supply chain.
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Resources for you and your patients

Here we've curated a collection of the most relevant links to help independent community pharmacies through the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you need resources for communicating with patients or the latest guidance from the CDC and WHO, this is your destination for the most valuable coronavirus-related information, tools and support.



A Win for Pharmacists and Children: HHS Certifies Pharmacists to Provide Vaccines to Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yesterday, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar authorized state-licensed pharmacists (and pharmacy interns acting under supervision of a licensed pharmacist) to order/administer all CDC recommended & FDA approved vaccines for children age 3-18 (pharmacists must meet requirements outlined in the HHS press release). This new authorization aims to ensure stronger vaccine access for children during the pandemic, following a May CDC report showing a decline in childhood immunizations. Secretary Azar noted that 28 states have existing laws similar to this new federal declaration; however, 22 states currently limit pharmacists’ ability to provide these immunizations, making HHS’ announcement so critical. 
However, it remains unclear if states need to take additional action to enforce or implement this federal decision, and several questions remain regarding how pharmacists will be reimbursed by payers.  ABC & GNP will work with manufacturer and pharmacy partners in the American Disease Prevention Coalition to monitor these concerns. Pharmacists’ ability to provide care to patients (e.g. administering immunizations and flu tests) varies by state, service and payer-type.  Pharmacists are recognized as providers for services in some states but are not recognized as providers within Medicare. If Congress establishes pharmacists as providers in Medicare, the hope is that other states and payers will follow.  In 2019, 147 provider status-related bills were introduced in state legislatures aiming to expand pharmacist scope of practice, payment for services and/or designation of pharmacists as providers in Medicaid and/or commercial plans. Idaho even expanded pharmacist prescriptive authority last year. NASPA has resources reflecting current state laws re: pharmacists’ ability to provide additional care to patients.     

We applaud this positive development for pharmacists and children, reflecting HHS’ trust and recognition of pharmacists in providing patient care. This action also strengthens our arguments/legislative strategy to recognize pharmacists as providers within Medicare for providing flu and COVID-19 tests and immunizations.  NACDS, NCPA and APhA issued positive statements on the HHS announcement.    

COVID-19 Signage Available on Good Neighbor Pharmacy Signage Portal

Temporary signage is now available to meet the changing needs of your business. Sneeze guards, distancing dots, window clings, sidewalk signs and much more can be found on the Good Neighbor Pharmacy signage portal.

Communications and Tools for Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Elevate members

Additional Resources for Good Neighbor Pharmacy Members

  • Social media graphics and print marketing materials to educate patients 
  • Promotions and collateral to raise awareness of the helpful services you offer
  • Tips for staying healthy and safe

My GNP Mobile App

Provide patients with an additional method of refilling prescriptions with the My GNP mobile app. Leveraging the mobile app will reinforce social distancing and help alleviate high volume of calls to your pharmacy. 

The My GNP mobile app can be found by searching "My GNP" on the Google Play or Apple App store. 




Preparing for the Approval and Launch of COVID-19 Vaccines

We’re staying in contact with the federal government, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) and our customers to ensure our expertise and services are widely available as we prepare for one or multiple vaccines to be approved and become available. At this time, we believe the U.S. government will coordinate allocation of the vaccine to states and/or sites of administration once there is a vaccine that is approved. We do not believe any wholesale distributor will be making decisions about which sites of administration get access to the vaccine.

While it’s still unclear how vaccines will be allocated and administered, we believe you should take action now should you want to play a role in COVID-19 vaccinations. Here’s how to begin preparing.

Supporting You as a Trusted Provider of the COVID-19 Vaccine

We’re partnering with federal and state agencies regularly to prepare for providing our distribution services for the COVID-19 vaccine. Our Government Affairs team has met with 300+ federal and state legislators and staff through video and phone calls since March, continuing to make an impact on pharmacy policy priorities during COVID-19. The team is also working closely with NCPA, APhA, NACDS and other pharmacy coalitions urging Congress, Governors and state legislators to recognize pharmacists as healthcare providers, remove barriers to expand pharmacist COVID-19 testing and promote immunization authority.

One of our top priorities is advocating for pharmacist provider status, which would establish pharmacists as providers in Medicare Part B throughout the course of the pandemic. The team has and will continue to urge Congress to include emergency pharmacist provider status in a future legislative package, which would enable pharmacies to bill Medicare directly for COVID-19 and flu testing and immunization (once available). Pharmacists and patients are the most powerful voices on this topic, so we strongly encourage you to contact your legislators and ask Congress to enact emergency provider status for pharmacists.

Together, we can make a difference! On August 19, 2020, HHS expanded access to allow pharmacists to administer all FDA approved vaccines to children age 3-18 during the pandemic. And back on May 27, 2020, Minnesota’s Governor, Tim Walz, signed a comprehensive Health and Human Services bill providing pharmacists the authority to allow them to administer FDA-authorized COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 vaccines to eligible individuals, when a vaccine becomes available. Several states are now following Minnesota’s lead.

BD Veritor™ Plus System (SARS-CoV-2 Test) Test Kits to Be Available from AmerisourceBergen 

The BD Veritor™ System for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 is a chromatographic immunoassay for the direct and qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in nasal swabs from patients with signs and symptoms who are suspected of COVID-19.


Resources for Pharmacists


Digital Marketing Updates

Digital marketing channels, such as Facebook and Google, have never been more important for independent pharmacies use to connect with their patients. In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, many of these platforms are offering additional support and guidelines for local businesses. Visit our COVID-19 marketing page to learn about the latest policy changes in this area that relevant for independent pharmacies.

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