Business Coaching

Get personalized support from an expert who understands your independence

We strive to form a unique partnership with each of our members—a deeper kind of relationship that helps you continuously improve your operational efficiency, financial performance and patient care. Our business coaches are trusted advisors who know exactly what it means to be an independent. As a Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier member, your business coach will provide you with guidance tailored specifically for your store based on the best business practices of more than 1,000 independent retail pharmacies with similar business models.

Business Coaching allows you to focus your attention and energy on the health of your patients, while we focus on the health of your business and add dollars to your bottom line. Your coach will evaluate the precise needs of your pharmacy, identify opportunities to improve your operations and create an action plan for success. With a reliable stream of invaluable insight from your coach, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions that not only enhance the performance of your business, but also solidify the legacy of your pharmacy in your community.

Our business coach has been a very important part of our success here at Madera Medical Pharmacy. We have gone through many changes within the past 1½ years, and I can truly say we couldn’t have done it without him. He is our trusted advisor and is always planning ahead for our business.

Ashley Melikian, Madera Medical Pharmacy, Madera, CA

Peer Perspectives: Operations and Profitability

Donna of Ehrhardt Pharmacy

Find out how Donna Ehrhardt and her business coach discovered how a change to her pharmacy's hours of operation could make a big impact on her operations and profitability in just one year.
Read Donna's Story
Coached pharmacies average:
INCREASED gross marginS of
INCREASED retention OF
1.4 turns

Inventory Optimization

Your business coach will work with you to determine current inventory performance levels and provide benchmarks against your peers. You’ll receive guidance on optimum order quantities, controlled substance discrepancies and long-term issues of inventory management, such as shrink, diversion and expired returns. Work with your coach to examine each opportunity and craft an action plan for your pharmacy, monitor results and make adjustments.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach reviews inventory behind the counter with a pharmacist

Employment Development

Your staff plays the most important role in customer experience and patient satisfaction. They need to uphold the high standards of your pharmacy while also bringing value to your business through adherence initiatives. Your business coach will work with you and your staff to maximize productivity, improve patient experience and identify business tasks that can be delegated to key members of your team.
A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach trains pharmacy staff members

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