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Good Neighbor Pharmacy was established in 1982 as a humble way to rally together independent pharmacies and give them a more powerful presence in the industry. Fast forward 40 years and we’re still proudly committed to that same mission. The only thing that’s changed is the scope of how we approach it.

While it may have been about buying power and brand awareness in the beginning, today we’re focused on a whole lot more. From business coaching to digital marketing to relentless advocacy, everything we do revolves around helping our members thrive, evolve, and secure their rightful place as a one-of-a-kind healthcare destination in their community.

The pharmacy landscape certainly looks a lot different now than it did in 1982. In fact, this may be one of our industry’s most pivotal moments as we’re inches away from securing a much more active role in the healthcare ecosystem. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we invite you to reflect on the past with us to recognize how far we’ve come together and look forward to all the opportunities that lie ahead.


Good Neighbor Pharmacy through the years

We take the business of independent pharmacy very seriously, but that’s never stopped us from having a good time with our members. Take a look at these photos captured at ThoughtSpot, NCPA Fly-ins, regional meetings, community events, and more.

This is only scratching the surface and we want to see more! Do you have any classic pictures to share? Upload your photos here.


Good Neighbor Pharmacy member spotlights

We interviewed some of our longest tenured members to learn more about their business, how they’ve evolved with us, and what excites them about being part of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy family. Here’s what they said.

The exterior of Lawrence Pharmacy in Chesapeake, Virginia

Lawrence Pharmacy

Chesapeake, Virginia
Good Neighbor Pharmacy member since 1985

The exterior of Lawrence Pharmacy in Chesapeake, Virginia
From owner and pharmacist Chris Mercer, RPh:

Lawrence Pharmacy was founded in 1966 by Gary Lawrence. I started working here about 17 years ago and purchased the store in 2015. We’re now in our third location since originally opening. We’re in a great community in Chesapeake, called Deep Creek. We have a lot of loyal customers and love our community. The hub of our store is the Deep Creek Grill, our restaurant located inside the store. It’s really become a meeting place for the people in our community.

At around 12,000 square feet, we have a pretty large store. It’s like the size of a big chain, only much better! Physically, the biggest change we’ve made over the years was removing our photo lab and creating a compounding lab. This area of the store has morphed quite a bit in the past decade. When the store opened, we had a photo lab that developed more than 100 rolls of film daily. Of course, with digital cameras, that all went away, so we adapted. First, we removed the photo lab and created a space to increase our footprint in home health care. Then three years ago, we did a major renovation to create a compounding lab. We leaned into that evolution even further and purchased two additional compounding pharmacies in our area. Now we’re doing over 700 compounding prescriptions per month!

For as long as I’ve been at Lawrence Pharmacy, we’ve been a part of Good Neighbor Pharmacy. In fact, we were one of the earliest members in the program, so that’s what I’ve always known. One of my favorite memories is when we did some commercials with other local Good Neighbor Pharmacy stores a while back. Our customers loved seeing us on TV! And still today, Good Neighbor Pharmacy brings us great branding and a solid product line that helps us continue to thrive.

The exterior of Lawrence Pharmacy in Chesapeake, Virginia
Dani Lynch, owner of Thrifty Pharmacy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, standing in her pharmacy

Thrifty Pharmacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Good Neighbor Pharmacy member since 1990

Dani Lynch, owner of Thrifty Pharmacy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, standing in her pharmacy
From owner and pharmacist Dani Lynch, DPh:

When I got out of pharmacy school, I was the last person in my class to get a job. Working for a pharmacy chain was the expected next step, but that wasn’t for me. A friend from my class was able to connect me with the owner of Thrifty Pharmacy, and that’s how I ended up here. I then eventually purchased the store and took over.

We were already a member of Good Neighbor Pharmacy when I joined the store, but one moment that sticks out in my mind that shows the value of program is when the private label OTCs were introduced. I was at a conference when this was presented and I simply wasn’t on board. I stood up and stated that it wasn’t something that I would be interested in pursuing. The person presenting suggested that I give it a chance and trust that they had the best interest of independent pharmacies in mind. A year later, I apologized to the woman that I had disagreed with the year prior because, by trusting in the private label, we saw a significant increase in OTC sales, and we’re still offering those to this day.

We’ve had to evolve in many ways since I bought the store and Good Neighbor Pharmacy has always been there for us. Whether that’s engaging with patients more digitally or investing in technology that makes our day-to-day operations easier. We now offer delivery three times per day and once on Saturdays. We’ve also implemented charge accounts for our customers, as well as implementing a robot in the store to help with pill counting.

To broaden our reach, I’ve gotten involved in commercials for Oklahoma City and have become a go-to person in my community for health-related media. In addition to commercials, I also host a Wednesday morning health tip. An old patient of mine was a host at a local radio station and had invited me to come on. I’ve now done it every Wednesday morning since then for the last 20 years. This is something I really enjoy, but I’m not doing it to become a celebrity. I do it solely because I want everyone in my community to have access to accurate information. My goal since I started in pharmacy is to make sure the patient is taken care of, and that’s something that will never change.

Dani Lynch, owner of Thrifty Pharmacy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, standing in her pharmacy

40th anniversary marketing materials

We’ve created a collection of digital assets to help you showcase this milestone in your store, including banners and posts for social media, a poster, a window cling, and a counter card. Feel free to download these materials and use them throughout 2022.


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